My heart feels

Like its torn

Into a million pieces.

I gave my heart to him

To hold and protect

And love,

but I made a mistake.

I got my payback.

Payback sucks,

But this one

hurts more

than the others.

I was ready for him,

But I hurt him

And I blew it.

It was always my fault.

I cut deeper whenever

I see him.

I think of all the happy

things we did together.

I loved him so much.

I was ready to do

anything for him.


I only wanted,

To be with him

Or be with him.

He made me happy.

I haven't been

that happy in forever.

I told him everything.

I had wonderful dreams,

That made me love

him even more.

Now I have nightmares

So I try not to sleep

And meet the monsters

That waited for me.

I never wanted us

To be apart.

You were my number one.

You made me

feel good about myself.

I hate myself for losing you.