Am I to stay on this earth only to be damned?

To have my soul fall into hell,

My pained thoughts of right and wrong,

No longer decide my unwritten fate.

As my thoughts drift through the eternities,

And as my pathetic body starts to decay,

Will my scattered essence ascend?

Or plummet into bonfire of other spirits alike?

My empty destiny undecided,

By my own dark choices,

So many may think that I am evil,

But what is really evil?

'Profoundly immoral and malevolent';

Who decides what is justice?

A righteous being to enforce the law,

While men fall to the command of 'law'.

There is darkness within the world,

Seen by the eyes of the supreme judges,

And swiftly diminished as determined as shadows,

But evil will live and evil will die,

Justice will live and justice will die,

To upset or disrupt the balance of the equinox.

Would be a futile and unnatural folly,

As both will live and both will die,

In this oblivion we call a world.