The Explanation:

I have had several reviews and PMs tell me that they hated the fact that the main character involves other people in this. And I do too.
But; the point of the story is not the happy ending you hope for. I Have a happy-ending story; My beloved daughter. This story draws attention to the abuse of men by women; and the fact that it does mess you up from the inside out.

This just shows that when someone is set on something; they will accomplish it. The waitress is the victim here. Not the Man, not the Girlfriend; the Waitress.

And that is not how it should be. Because abuse in relationships is a major societal, social problem.

1 in 10 High School students has experienced this abuse in a relationship. It is terribly common; and if a bad past along with personality disorders are brought into the mix; bad things happen.

The point is to shock you. It did. I put that there for a reason. How easy would it have been for me to just detail him shooting his girlfriend and making out with her as she bled out, and then killing himself?
No; the waitress is a tool used to shock you. It shocked the girlfriend; an definitely took away all of her hope at that moment.

From a broader perspective; It's just a double homicide with a suicidal person committing it.

From a finer perspective; the man has dealt with persecution from Three People; plus however many partners his girlfriend forced him to be with. This girl; the bitch that she is; deserves to be tortured for the rest of her life.

The man is a poor soul who needs help. He needs unconditional love and guidance. He lashes out; and takes an innocent life in the process. He loses sympathy; but he still deserves it. Why? Because deep down inside; he's still a little, 5 year old boy who is beaten and molested; just wanting to be loved.

And THAT is the true purpose. It is not a feel-good story; it is a statement story.

Statements include but are not limited to:

-Men are abused by women too

-Men are molested by women as well in childhood and it is just as harmful

-Asexuals need to be respected in their boundaries

-Dependent Personality People need help; and lots of it

-Friends and Coworkers need to watch for signs of abuse; even in males

And; Last but not least:

-Don't do what she did, or I will come to your house and destroy you.

Thanks for reading it. Hopefully, you learned something.