By : Sielouch-06

Raindrops were getting stronger as I continue to let go of my unshed tears and emotions. Standing right above the grave of my beloved mother, suited with a long black dress partnered with a dull flat black shoes , pouring all the hurts that I am feeling was a sight that I didn't imagine ever since until this moment of my life appeared in front of my own naked eyes.

I have no family except for my mother, who indeed took care of me since I was a little child. My father? He immediately left my mom when he found that she's pregnant. My mom was the best mother that a person could ever have. Always protecting me in every circumstances. I remember my younger years when I 'm always asking the whereabouts of my dad. She's the only one that I have. Unfortunately, her life ended after the 36 years of her existence in this awful world. And in her death is the total slipping of my father's identity away from my hands. Oh! And before I forget, I am Kaira Yamanagi, 16 years old , a third year high school student. And yes, I am broken.

I went home late after the burial. Reminiscing the memories that my mom and I shared. That night was really a silent one. The only thing that can be heard were my weepings echoing back and forth onto the four sides of my bedroom. I cried my heart out until there was no more tears only the painful sensation in my chest. I didn't know when I fell asleep but one thing's for sure; things will never be the same again.

"Kaira my daughter, I love you so much. Please take care of yourself" the silhouette of woman said with a warm and loving voice. Kaira slowly made her way into her mother. Her tears were flowing to the sides of her cheeks.

"Your father, your father, you must know your father, the precious memories were hidden at our house. In order for you to reach the location, I will give you some hint. You will find it in an envelopeā€¦.. Be wise my daughter" after that, she vanished into the thin air.

She woke up sweating, feeling terrified with her dream. She looked into her right and raised an eyebrow for she found a mysterious envelope containing a paper with few words in it. She knows that it's still too early for the sun to release its light in the horizon but she just can't put herself to sleep after her confusing envisage.

After a few hours, she pushed herself off her warm, inviting bed and dragged herself to the cold, evil bathroom. With impressive fortitude, she forced her feet on the cold tiles and began to freshen herself up for the day.

School was boring as usual. She's physically present but her mind's absent, drifting into her dream last night. Time seemed so fast that the day is almost done . Her best friend, Jun who has a secret crush on her came with a worried face.

"Hey, you're staring at nothing. What's your problem? "Questioned Jun

"I'm sorry, but I'm thinking about this mysterious letter that I found last night" said Kaira with the touch of confusion in her voice.

"What's with it? "he asked now with furrowed eyebrows.


"then the answer should be something that we put in our feet for protection"

"I remember now! The old boots of my mother! " kaira yelled frantically after thinking about it.

After bidding her goodbyes to Jun, she quickly made her way to her house and looked for her mother's boots. It took her some time to find it located at her mother's closet buried with dust in it. What surprised her most is the letter inside it with a secret code..

With the use of her Trigonometric knowledge, she unlocked the code with less difficulty. Then a light came out from the paper and made a path. She followed it which led her to their house' attic. She did her best to search for the clue but luck was not on her side until her eyes landed on a brown wooden box . Inside it was a scrapbook . She read the content of the said book and found out that there was another trigo-code at the end of it. The code this time was not as easy as she expected it to be .

Fallacy: Prove 8 =9

She focused her mind on her task and thought about the past lessons that their teacher, Mr. Takagi taught them. And then something clicked in her mind as she remembered their lesson concerning the problem. She wasted no time in solving it. Her heart was thumping so fast that she found it hard to breathe. As she wrote her final answer, a blinding light appeared in front of her and engulfed her whole being.

Her head was aching and it's like its bursting anytime soon. Her sight was blurry but she tried all her might to stand from where she was lying. To her surprise, her surrounding was not the same anymore and a scowl quickly latched itself onto her scared face. Kaira just stood there and blinked a few times before turning around to see a calendar of year 1997.

"It can't be. This is a dream, right? There's absolutely no way that all of this can be real" she chanted to herself like a mantra.

Her thought was disturbed when a paper flew its way to her face. Well, it's another code to find her father.

If 5 cats can kill 5 rats in 5 min, how long will it take 500 cats to kill 500 rats?

She hastily answered it using some algebraic formula. A magical turn of event happened when the paper turned into an advertisement after she answered it.

The advertisement says: "MEN OF ALL AGES, WILLING FOR CONSTRUCTION JOB AT ADACHI "after she read the information, she began to wander around the place.

Because of hunger and being weak, Kaira fainted while she was on her journey. Luckily, a man passed by and saw her lying on the deserted street of Tokyo. The man carried her to his house and prepared her something to eat and drink. After a while, Kaira finally opened her eyelids and began to scream at the top of her lungs as the place that she was in, didn't register in her mind.

"Who are you? What did you do to me?" kaira threw her questions with watery eyes

"Hey! Calm down. I'm Min Wataki and you're in my house. I happen to see you while I was passing by and I brought you here, because something bad might happen to you if I let you lie there at the ground. Here I prepared you some foods for you to gain energy." Min said as he placed the foods beside kaira. Min is a tall gorgeous guy with broad shoulders and pointed nose. His hair is a messy jet black framing his manly jaw and emphasizing his onyx eyes.

"So why are you wandering around the street? "The helpful man inquired.

Kaira, after seeing that the man is telling the truth, told him the whole story behind her quest.

"Well, you said that your father is working at Adachi, well you're lucky because I'm working there too, you can come along with me tomorrow. But for now, you should rest to regain your strength" Min stated.

"Thank You Min and goodnight" Kaira replied with a sincere smile.

The morning came with a glory. They woke up early causing Kaira to stifle her yawn. The ride going to the site was comfortably silent. The only thing that can be heard was the sound of music in the radio. When they reach their destination, she saw the advertisement which is the third clue towards her goal. She flipped it and found another code.


CODE: Simplify:

They both solved the code and eventually got the correct answer. The paper turned into ashes and a voice congratulated them. They went on and found a couple. The man is the bestfriend of Min while the woman who is crying is the one that he loves but refused him because of his bestfriend.

" Oh my God! That's my mom" Kaira exclaimed and then realization hit her as she saw the bump in her mother's stomach. The man in a checkered polo was her dad.

"Your dad, Hiro has a complicated disease. He told me that he has to leave your mother because he doesn't want to see his lover in pain. He might die anytime soon " Min explained.

Kaira's knees suddenly lost its strength to stand and her breathing is uneven. How she loves to go there and hug him. She loves her dad even if she didn't know him that much. She cried all her sorrow and grief. After that, they went home and found another clue. This time the clue is for her to return to the present time. The letter says:




X 10.2 find x

They answered it after some time, a light surrounded her and everything became blurry. When she woke up, she's now at the present time. She thanked God for giving her the opportunity to know her father and complete herself as a person. After that, she quickly went to her mother's grave and brought her some flowers. She happily hummed their favorite song and watched the sun settle at the serene horizon.