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"Are you sure we should be doing this?" I asked my friend as I followed her through the woods. "I heard this place was dangerous…"

"What could possibly go wrong Fuin?" She giggled as she continued on her black hair being blown back by the wind, her name is Cleo, she is a witch in training. "Anyways I'm curious what the strong winds are all about I thought a smoke monster like you would be used to this stuff."

"I am… I just don't want to have anyone find out we went against the rules.. I'm already on thin ice with a lot of people.." I muttered following her deeper into the forest, my names Fuin.. Cleo and I have been going to a school called Mysterium Academy for 3 years now. It's just like any other school except.. If you're not careful you could die from the creatures that roam the woods or the psychopaths that live in the woods.

"You think it could actually be her..?" Cleo asked snapping me out of my thoughts. "huh? I'm sorry.." I glanced up at her confused missing what she had asked. She sighed turning around to look directly at me. "Do you think it's the wind spirit?"

"Eliza?" I looked at her even more confused. "Cleo… she vanished in here months ago..even you know when people go missing in here.. for as long as she has they may as well be dead… also she was only 7 years old she hadn't even fully realized the potential she had.."

"Fuin! What if it is her?! We can't just turn our backs on this!" Cleo shouted, her voice was high pitched when she did that, I swear someday I'm going to go deaf. I just stood there silently staring at her till she stopped talking. "Cleo.. all I am saying is we shouldn't get our hopes up too high.. it will only lead to disappointment if were wrong… and imagine how much more that would hurt Dana.. Eliza was her adopted little sister.."

Cleo sighed looking at the ground. "Maybe your right… I just.. " I walked up to her and lifted her chin to get her to look at me. "I understand Cleo.. let's keep going.. the sooner we get there the sooner we will know.." with that Cleo nodded and continued walking; I sometimes wonder how hard it is for her to be a student and the school nurse..she tends to struggle in her school work just to help everyone.. even with the other two people helping her.

It seemed like hours had passed since Cleo had said something, she didn't seem to talk to talk on this trip through the forest.. not that it mattered I prefer silence.. it's just unusual to not hear her voice. Another moment had passed when I ran directly into her causing both of us to stumble onto the ground in a thud. "geeeze fuin.. could you watch where you're going?" She asked shooting a look at me. "You were the one that stopped walking Cleo.." I stood up and reached my hand out to her to help her up. "Why did you stop walking anyway?" I asked looking at her.

" .." Cleo replied pointing to a woman with long waist length hair and piercing blue eyes. "The dark witch.." The woman stepped towards us, I started to get a bad feeling about her as she got closer and the way Cleo was acting it seemed worse than I was assuming.

"Cleo.." The woman spoke, her voice seemed smooth and calm, almost like a mother would speak too her crying child. "Why are you acting so afraid? Why don't you come over here?" Cleo backed away shaking her head at the woman. "No way Alisha. Nothing in this earth would make me do something stupid like that!" I looked at Cleo in confusion, what could this woman have done to her that made her so afraid of her.

"Cleo.. how do you know her..?" I finally asked eyeing her curiously. Cleo looked at me and sighed. "She….Alisha is.." She started to say, but she was quickly cut off by Alisha. "I am her mother. And its time you ended your little game of hide and seek my dear." With that she pulled out a dagger from what seemed like nowhere and shot it at Cleo, when the dagger was shot a bright light shone from it blinding me the last thing I heard was a scream of pain that quickly silenced.

To Be Continued…