Don't Ever Leave Me, Baby

Don't ever leave me baby,

I'm trying so hard to love myself and all that I am,

If you ever leave, leave me knocking at the door, baby,

I'm trying to do this for me and for our future daughter with the shattered mending soul I currently am.

My soul is slowly being put back together,

So don't ever leave me,

Don't make our connection sever,

Do you see myself as I see me?

The once battered soul being put back together to be made whole,

My life was once filled with pain and emotional strife fueling the obsessions,

My life was like one big nothing existing in one big black hole,

We are seperation on the universe's discretions.

Baby, I must learn to love me,

Honey, you must learn to love you,

Silly, ain't this how it always works,

Babe, Can't you see I'm trying to love me, but I wish I could fully so we can be together.


At Last.