After the field trip, the bus arrived at the school around 6pm to wait for our parents to pick us up, leaving the fourteen of us chatting and talking excitedly about the day.

Little did we know that it was far from over...

The school was like a fortress. It had high walls (to prevent run-away students, no doubt) and the school's gate had the appearance of an abnormally huge jail cell door. The school was a long, three story building. The ground level was composed of the canteen, kitchen, and sports equipment. The second level was composed of school offices and elementary levels while the third level had the high school classrooms and library.

Ms. Henson, our supervising teacher, herded us into the school. We headed up the stairs to the third level, while she stayed downstairs in the teachers' lounge. Once the students reached the classroom, I looked around for my girlfriend. Her name is Cordelia Poulain. We've been dating for a little more than a year. She's someone who'd never break the rules, which is great. All I've wanted is a beautiful, modest girlfriend, which is what she is.

I start to look around for her, though after a while, I realize she's not with the group. Feeling panicked, I walk over to Mavis West, Cordelia's best friend.

"Hey, Mavis, have you seen Cordelia?" I asked, "She's not with the group." I continue twisting and turning my head around, looking for her and double-checking if she really isn't in the classroom.

"Relax, Jared." She says, "She just forgot something in the bus so she went back to get it." My eyes go wide in shock. "Alone?" I almost yell and Mavis sighs and shakes her head. "I offered to go with her, but it seems that she wanted to go alone." I sigh in defeat.

"Thanks!" I tell her, already leaving the classroom, "I'll go check up on her."

I make my way down to the ground level and outside. I walk over to where the bus is parked. I look around. I'm friends with the bus driver, Mr. Ace and our school guard, Mr. Marvin. Surprisingly, they aren't around.

Walking along the road to the parking area, I here foot steps behind me. It's either Mr. Ace or Mr. Marvin, I think to myself. I turn around expecting to see one of them, but I find…no one. Weird, I thought I heard someone. Just then I hear a sound that makes my blood run cold.


It's a girl's voice.

"Jared, help!"

It's Cordelia's voice. It's coming from where the bus is parked.

I run in the direction of her voice.