What is Love? - Whitney Tolliver

Ask me to write about love,

But what do I know?

Never have I gazed into

Someone's eyes and seen nothing else.

Love for me, is that painful feeling,

Of hope when I dream.

The feeling of cold snow,

Seeping in my shoes or perhaps,

Holding my brother safe in my arms.

They say love is a game, something you can play,

But trust me, that's not the way.

Love is for those older, much older than I.

Love is for those whose hearts have broke

Already many times.

Love is that feeling that tugs me to the mountain,

The feeling of satisfaction when I get home.

It's your friends and family around you,

And knowing you're lucky they're alive.

What do I know about love?

That love isn't what you know,

But something for which the whole world strives.

More precious than diamonds or gold,

Something no man can even hold.

That love is something that gives you strength,

Love is a teetering balance,

Too close with hate.

Where does it end?

Some say that love begins and ends with the heart,

But the love I feel for those I love,

Will go on long after this heart stops beating.