I walked into my highschool, Regan High School, and looked around. Today was the day that I started my life as a freshman, and around new people. I orignially lived in Oklahoma, but we had to move to Arizona because of my fathers job. My dad is in the air force and he got relocated to a base in Arizona, and my mother refused to let him leave without us. I can't say I blame her though.

At my old school everyone hated me. A group of girls called me different names almost every day. These girls were so popular that no one even dared to disagree with them, and definitely not to their face. If word got out that someone disagreed with them, then they would attack them like a furious snake.

It started back in third grade when I switched to the school that they went to. Needless to say, I was a nerd. I wore glasses, and my blonde hair was in crazy curls.

I was excited when mother told me that we were moving to Arizona. I didn't hesitate for one minute. As soon as she told me, I went and started packing.

I looked around at my new high school and prayed that everything would go better than it did at my old middle school. I searched for my locker when I ran into someone.

"Sorry." I mummbled softly. I heard a voice and then looked up. "It's all good, miss. I haven't seen you around here before. You got a name?" I heard the voice say. 'Who doesn't have a name. Everyone has a name' I thought as I looked up at him. "I'm Jennie Martinez." I said softly as he smiled at me.

He had this specific look that made me wonder who he was and what he was about. Why was he talking to me? People don't talk to me. I'm always the one that is sitting by myself at lunch, or walking alone in the hallways.

"My name is Kevin McLaughlin." He said as I tried not to giggle at his last name. I've never heard of someone having a last name like McLaughlin, but of course you don't get to pick your last name.

Kevin looks like the type of guy that everyone loves, and I am questioning if I should even continue with the small conversation that we were having. Was it even considered a conversation? Well since we were talking I guess it was considered a conversation.

"I need to get to my class." I told Kevin as he took my schedule out of my hands before I even had time to stop it. "Well ain't that just something." I heard him say. "We have all of the same classes." He said softly as I just looked at him and gave him a small smile.

I didn't know what to say but I felt like maybe I should get to know Kevin. After all if I want this school to be different than the last I have to get to know people.