Wedding behind bars

I don't know why I got committed to be proven guilty. To be honest, the motherfucker had it coming. It was 1:30 at night and I was washing the dishes. My husband came home, and thought a man text me. He picked up the phone and smashed it on the ground. I dropped the dishes down as I say him come at me in a ram page.

"WHO WAS IT BITCH? TELL ME!" he says as he went closer to me.

I almost lost my mind. I never say him this psych angry in my life. I went to the opposite side of the room to clear my head. I picked up the knife and put it behind my back just in case something went down.

"Listen babe. I know you are mad, but it is not what it looks like…"

He completely cut me off. While thronging the cell phone right above my head.

"I DON'T WANNA FUCKIN HEAR IT. WHO IN THE HELL DO YOU TEXT REGULARLY!" he says as he pushes me down on the sofa. "What did I say about talking to other people without my permission?"

I swallowed real hard as he went right in front of my face. I started to cry as I put my head down.

"He was just a friend. I wasn't doing anything wrong…"

"SHUT UP! I'm tired of hearing your mouth. Now, I want you to tell me, what did I say?"

I looked down and wanted to leave as fast as I can but I knew I was trapped. I tried to find a way to get out until I saw my next-door neighbor, Sidney, in the corner with a gun and a baseball bat. She stood there as I got choked to death.

"That…it's …disre…. spectful…"

He nodes his head as He went towards me.

"And what do I do when I am disrespected?"

My face started to turn red as he kept choking me. I wanted to die but my inner bride wouldn't let me. Sidney came behind him, with a gun facing right at his head. She clicked the trigger very slowly.

"You….um….. Get…mad!"

My husband shakes his head with a chucky smile on his face. He lifts up his hand to slap me, until Sidney pulls the trigger. We both stand there in silence. Me in shock and her in relief.

"Listen, we have to hide him before the police gets here." Says Sidney while kneeling over to get my husband's body.

I stand there in tears as if I was in an award place. As Sidney put him in a body bag, she looks at me and stairs.

"Amber! I had to do it. Look what he was about to do to you. You can't live like this."

I shook my head in denial as I looked at my dead husband laying there. Some of me am sad and some of me am glad. I wipe the tears off from my eyes and took the body bag to the trash can.

"I know but…..why?"

"Because if I didn't do it, you will be in a body bag. You know I love you. I cannot live my life without you."

I looked down as I felt the guilt. I knew we had something going on but why should this have to start off like this.

"We could of did this a different way."

Sidney looks away and looks back at me with an angry expression.

"Like what Amber, wait for you to do something until you get stabbed. This was the only way."

"You didn't even give me a chance to think."

Sidney went even close to me. She took my hands and kissed them. I felt the tingle as she moved her hands all over me. Her brown hair and blue eyes were all on me as she kissed me everywhere. Her light caramel skin looked good in the light. As my black hair attached to hers like electricity. My brown eyes looked into her blue eyes and we made complete chemistry. She stopped kissing below my belly button and then zipped my pants back up.

"I know I went a little fast but once we are together forever. You will thank me."

I looked at her as if I was little confused. I didn't know what she was talking about. I know we were serious but I didn't even get a chance to get that far.

"What do you mean?"

She goes down on one knee and pulls a box out. As I took a deep breath at this moment, the cops came and rushed out the car and told us to put our hands up. Sidney pulled out my hand some more.

"Will you marry me?"