Shadows surround me, The darkness swallows my dreams. It crushes and binds me, So I can't get free.

I run to the light, With its eager arms. Yet the dark isn't finished, So it battles the dawn.

I scream and I struggle, I try to escape. Yet the shadows are strong, And they want to play.

They taunt me and flaunt me, They laugh in my face. I weep silently, And I start to pray.

The demons of the dark, Hear my prayer. It is like a curse to them, So they try to escape.

A temporary light, Comes to save me. So I latch on with both arms, And laugh in the shadow's face.

The light tries to carry me away, Yet darkness still clings to me, Like a vengeful curse.

The light pulls and pulls, But the shadows won't stay at bay. The monsters pull and they tug, As I try to escape.

The light is overwhelmed, It leaves me behind. While I sit there weeping, In my evil binds.

The shadows of the dark, Feast on my flesh. And they drink out of goblets, Full of my blood.

Yet this time, I dare not oppose them.

Because in the dark...

The shadows laugh.

The shadows cackle.

The fire flares.

And the flames crackle.