We sit at the edge, staring down into the blackness. A streetlamp looks up at me in the distance. Is there a heaven? You ask me. I don't reply. I stare deep into your eyes, and I see myself in them. Hopeless, and taken, but still a Queen in my own right. Up here, I'm the Queen of the world, or maybe even more. Falling, no, flying would be the beginning of something new, wouldn't it? "My King", I whisper softly in your ear as my fingers brush past yours. It is chilly tonight, and a gust of wind sends shivers down my spine. But your hands are even colder. Our fingers interlock. I lean in and press my lips against yours. Our lips are frozen. Our kiss burns. Full of passion, full of fear. "Close your eyes, my King". You close your eyes. I don't. Darkness calls tonight.

I take a deep breath, and we fly.