Just a Maple Tree By Red

Maybe sometimes you walk past me, without a glance. Sometimes you look. What do you think when you see me? To you, i am just an old, useless maple tree. I'm too big, too bulky. And i know how you dislike raking my leaves in the fall.

You wonder why you need me, wouldn't it be better just to cut me down? Of course you want to destroy me. So you can build a new driveway for your new car, or maybe a shed to store your things.

The only things that keep you from doing this are the children. They love me, adore my grand height, play in my colorful leaves. They cry for me when my trunk breaks in a storm, they sit under me when things aren't going their way.

I let them climb on me, I am happy when they are happy.

They respect my age, hundreds of years old. They know in their hearts that i've experienced more than they, seen and heard so much. Just by sitting beside me, they feel the thrill and excitement i have felt during my many years.

Why can't you understand? Will i just be that old, ugly tree outside? Can't you see what they see?

I know how you feel, what is going on in your life. They told me about you.

I would be a great friend, you just have to belive.

They come to me when they want comfort, or simply to relax. Can't you see I am not just a maple tree?

The End