Chapter 1:

I was abused, afraid, and hurt, all at the same time. I will hopefully be loved by a young boy or girl, but right now, I'm the runt of the litter. When I was first born, I was always a runt. I was small and weak. I had 7 brothers and sisters who would never share time with Mom. I could never get any alone time with her. Sometimes I just play by myself. I grab a blanket and just rip it up. I would curl up to Mom when my brothers and sisters weren't looking. It's nice spending time with Mom but when one of the siblings smelled me by Mom, they got jealous. They usually came at me and started to rip me away from her. I howled for her, wanting her attention, but it was too late. She was already focusing on my brothers and sisters. Sometimes when my sister Lucy would see me she would bite and nip at me. I don't get it, just because I'm a runt doesn't mean I get to be treated like this. This time I ran to Mom not even knowing where I'm going. Suddenly I felt a hard object hit against my snout. I smelled it. It smelled like drywall and wood. I knew then it was a wall. I was lost. I smelled around looking for my mother when suddenly I felt warm and was picked up by an unfamiliar smell.

"Well, what are you doing away from your mother" she said in a calm voice and set me down on a blanket. "There you go, little guy". Everything smelled so familiar. The smell of my mother, the smell of the blanket, the smell of…whoa! Lucy really needs to be potty trained. I tried again to get to Mom, but when I got so close to Mom, Lucy barreled me in the side and knocked me back. Well, maybe that's how it was suppose to be. Maybe someone else would love me more than my family. I yawned and snuggled in with my best friend, One Eyed Freddy. He was a stuffed frog with one eye. Instead of sleeping with my own family, I slept with a stuffed frog. How sad is that.

I heard movement, claws clicking against the wood floor. I opened my eyes for the first time in weeks. It was dark. I realized that my mother was missing. I got up to my feet and jumped out of the box. I walked to the patio. There I saw my mother, lying on the ground, still as night. I went to her, tears in my eyes, and snuggled in by her. For this would be the last time I may ever get alone time with my mother. Before she died that night.