Chapter 2:

Time pasted and I was getting older because I am just 8 weeks old, and its adoption day. I sat there in a box all day waiting to be picked up by a child. But my brothers and sisters were picked first. Finally a girl came and picked me up. Once she found out I was a runt she dumped me back in the box and chose Lucy over me. I heard thunder, and saw a flash of light. I knew that this is going to be a bad storm. Did my breeder ever think of checking the forecast? She was probably too busy with texting. When it started raining, I curled up in the corner crying that nobody wanted me. Suddenly a man came over, picked me up and ran away with me in his possession. I found it weird that he didn't pay for me though like my brothers and sisters. I heard someone yell behind me.

"Stop! Thief! Police! Help!" The voice said. I turned around and saw my owner chasing him. He started to run faster, and held me tighter. I squealed and he dropped me in the street. A bright light was coming towards me. I didn't know what it was because, you know, I was only 8 weeks old. It came closer. Now I got scared, I froze. The man came back and picked me up and ran away as the light passed. My owner stopped to catch her breath soaked in failure to rescue me. At least this man cared for me more than her. He must have came back for me for some reason.