I'm not a rapper,
I'm used to wrapping the gift of gab.
So pay attention!
Lines are free; the rest can go on my tab.
I have a present
but everyone's busy clutching the past.
Let's take a moment,
I pity the you who thought it would last.

I'm talking in tenses
but it's you who needs to relax.
You're holding onto the show
when you should be dropping the act.

There's no use in crying
when the spilled milk is old.
Get a grip, even milkmaids
know they ought to let go.

I know you're stuck in a web;
you have a Facebook account.
I know you're stuck in your head;
I see the flags poking out.

I would help but I'm privy
to all your cynical thoughts.
You put the ease in disease
with all your typical plots.

You make it easy to think
that everyone will forget.
Only you can succumb
to the pain of regret.