Title: Watching Clouds
Full Summary: Poetry containing the thoughts of nine girls throughout society from Ancient Mesopotamia to now. Deals with their thoughts and struggles and their role in the world as women, why they are who they are, and how they find peace. Hopefully nice and easy to read.
Word Count: 1550
Rating: K+
Note: Any similarities to any published works is purely coincidental (I don't even read poetry anyways).
A/N: So I wrote this basically on a whim, I hope you can enjoy it and maybe even drop a review. :) In the first bit when the narrator talks about the Holy River and a law; a law in Mesopotamia's Hammurabi Code says: 'If a husband accuses his wife of lying with another man, for the sake of her husband she will throw herself in the Holy River'. That's what that is.
Thanks :D Stay tuned for historical fiction to be published soon!

Xx BC 1654 xX

She watches the clouds go by

As she stands by the Holy River

On a great precipice

And she contemplates her predicament.

She was called out for lying with another man,

So why shouldn't she throw herself in the river for her husband?

That's the law.

She doesn't want to die, she thinks as she overlooks the churning waters,

And it's not fair

That a girl should have no say in what happens in her life.

But as she watches the clouds go by and thinks that maybe things will be better for her kind in the future,

It makes tossing herself into the river a little easier.

It makes being a girl a little easier.

Xx BC 580 xX

She watches the clouds go by

As boats dock in the harbor

And boys learn in the gymnasium.

And she wonders why girls can't learn,

Or why they can't choose their path in life.

She is angry at Athens for letting boys have all the power

(But they're superior and she's inferior, right? That's what father always says.).

She thinks it's unfair that boys don't have to watch the clouds go by

And wonder why they are who they are.

She thinks she should get a say

In what she learns and where she lives and who she marries

But that's not the way the world works,

She thinks as she watches the clouds go by.

But maybe in the past, or in a faraway land,

She would be equal to the boys she sees in the neighbourhood.

And as she watches the clouds go by,

She realises that this thought makes being a girl a little easier.

Xx 200 xX

In the summer heat

She hangs up her master's clothes

And stops to watch the clouds go by.

She wishes

That she were anywhere but here,

That she were maybe somewhere in the future where there are no slaves and she's allowed to be free.

But she's not an idiot

And she understands that father is in charge,

Not her.

And even if father weren't in charge

Brother would be.

And even though neither of them is really here

She's not in charge of herself because her master is there

And he always will be.

And it isn't like she's going to be free for a long time.

So maybe it's okay if brother and father and master and the emperor have all the power

Because she's nothing but a plebeian slave girl.

And maybe it's better… if she gets used to work

Because work is all she's going to do

But maybe,


She'll be free.

As she watches the clouds go by

The thought makes being a girl a little easier.

Xx 809 xX
Western Roman Empire

The castle is drafty

But as she watches the clouds go by,

She thinks that it's a nice afternoon.

And so she goes out

Into the street

And dodges pigs and droppings and dirty looks from men

And ducks her head.

Even though

She's the daughter of a lord and lady,

She's a girl

So she's second rate.

But even though

She'll never be a knight or bishop or king or priest or cardinal,

She'll always be her

And throughout all the hardships and cold evenings alone and times spent watching the clouds go by,

Knowing that she's unique and her own makes being a girl much easier.

Xx 1501 xX

Verona is fair but only in looks, not in just, she thinks as she watches the clouds go by

And thinks about her husband-to-be.

She thinks that she doesn't want to marry him,

Because who would,

At not even thirteen?

This is the new age.

The 1500s.

She should have known

That this day would come

And that there's nothing she will or can do to stop it.

She looks at the fluffy white clouds

And thinks that them and the birds that chirp cheerfully

Are mocking her with their freedom.

She thinks that she shouldn't have to do this now

And that she shouldn't have to go inside in ten minutes

To put on a white gown

And get married.

But as she stares at the sky

And thinks that now she will be a woman,

It makes being a girl a little easier.

(Although not much.)

Xx 1812 xX

It's finally sunny

As she watches the clouds go by.

And she smiles because it's nice out

And fluffy white clouds drift along carelessly

And even though her country is technically at war

With France trying to invade Russia and all

The heavens just seem so happy.

And even though father is upset with her

And brother is in Napoleon's army

And mother is grieving

And baby sister is restless

She's happy for once

Happy with this solitude

Happy with this peace she's been given, even if it's just

For a little while.

She smiles because even though she is a girl and she is useless and her purpose is to marry a rich man so that her parents can have a bit of money,

She is alone

Right now.

And as she watches the clouds go by and the days wear on and thinks about the future,

She knows that this peace of mind is making being a girl a little easier.

Xx 1912 xX
Atlantic Ocean

She always liked watching the clouds go by

Especially with the ocean spray on her face.

And she liked the thought that she was going to America

Where she would be as rich as the first-class passengers.

She was scared

But mummy said not to be so she tried her best.

Even though the boom was loud

And frightening

And they said it wasn't time to go to the lifeboats yet

Mummy said it would be okay

And she tried to believe her.

But now all she can see is dark water

And there's water at her feet now

And it's cold.

So damn cold.

But she's tucked under the covers,

With mummy, like when she was just a wee little girl.

And even though she's angry because they're not letting third-class passengers go up to the lifeboats,

And she's not stupid and even though she knows she's going to die here

On the unsinkable Titanic,

She feels peaceful.

And even though there are no clouds to watch go by as cold engulfs her,

The fact that women and children were supposed to go up to the decks first

Makes being a girl quite a bit easier.

Xx 1932 xX

As morning suns streams through the window and she looks out wistfully,

She wishes she were in her bed alone.

Because bloody hell, she's just been wed and dammit, why can't she be free?

Why does she not have the right to choose?

Why must it be about money, and not about

Who she loves?

She thinks about this and glares at the teasing clouds as they drift by, all happy.

And she thinks that even though

His manners are lovely and

His face is nice and

His sister is kind

And even though his money is plenty,

He can't be hers and she can't be his. And it won't ever be, as much as her parents push.

But it's all quiet in the world right now,

Except for her rhythmic breathing

And his

And the distant sounds of maids cleaning the house before her family wakes.

And simply lying there under soft sheets,

Watching the clouds go by,

Makes being a girl rather serene,

And a little bit easier.

Xx 2013 xX

She sits on a beach

All alone,

Watching the clouds go by

And dreading tomorrow.

Because tomorrow she's going to have to face homework she hasn't done

And a test she will probably fail

And people she doesn't like

Who don't like her in return.

She thinks that,

It must be simpler to be dead

And to not have to worry about the pressure of society.

But she doesn't want to die particularly,

So she thinks that it must be easier

To live way back in time,

Perhaps in the early 20th century.

Where your husband was decided for you

And your governess taught you things

And you dressed up for dinner and your main concern was producing an heir.

She thinks it would be nice,

To be a real princess

Instead of the one she dreams of being.

She thinks it would be nice for people to accept her and not to have to worry about

Peer pressure

Or society or what her grades are

And that maybe it was simpler to be a girl back then.

They always say girls are so complicated,

And they're right,

She thinks wryly as she finds shapes in the clouds

That she watches go by.

Upon deciding,

That it'd be simpler to forget about her inner battles and struggles to fit in,

She lies down on the yellow sand and just

Watches the clouds go by.

And the thought that

Millions of girls before her have done the same to find peace-

Maybe girls with the same feelings as her-

This makes being a girl

And facing people

And society

Ever so much easier.