Five years ago, everyone lived happy. Humans and demons weren't separated and all rusted each other, until one day, a human used a potion giving him powers. With them, he could destroy the Demon King and become a king himself. It was on a day like any other
-September 23,1923:
"Daddy!" run Steph at her dad laughing and smiling.
He picked her up, and she hugged him. At that time she was only 5 years old, and even thought she looked like a human she was really a demon, no different then anyone else in the demon world. The only reason that she was always in human form was so she could pull pranks on people. She is the 4th one of all four children of the family.
"How are you?" her father asked.
"Not very good.I had a nightmare." frowned Steph looking at her dad.
"That's not didn't you come to me and your mother?" asked her dad.
"Because you and mom were sleeping. I didn't want to wake-"
"EWWWW!GET AWAY FROM ME! DON'T TOUCH ME WITH THAT!" screamed Adriana running out of the forest next to the house they lived in.
Adriana was Stephs twin sister and just like her twin she was 5 years old. The only difference between them, was Adriana didn't like to do pranks as much as Steph did. They also had different color eyes. Steph had clear aqua green eyes with long red hair and Adriana had blue grayish color eyes. Adriana had a lot of things she liked to do like reading books, and played with twins had an amazing most beautiful voices that when they sang it brought happiness to anyone who heard they were both born, they switched their powers. This made Steph a bit stronger then her twin sister. Adriana was the 3rd child of the whole family. She was born a minute after Steph, making Adriana younger.
"Don't be a scaredy cat! Just touch it!" said Amir, running after Adriana.
Amir was the 2nd child of all four was 10 years old and had long white hair with golden strikes on the side of his his. He had the most beautiful clear aqua-silvery blue eyes anyone could ever see. Even thought his father was a demon, he was only half demon, because of his human mother.
"Nooo! Stop it Amir!Get it away from me!" yelled Elizabeth, running so Amir wouldn't be able to catch her.
"Kids come on! Stop Messing around like that or I'll -" Begged their dad, looking at Adriana and Amiri angrily.
"HA!So you admit it! you're scared of bugs!" pointed Amir at his sister as he stopped running.
Adriana stopped running.
"Yes i am.I can't help just look creepy that's all" stared Adriana at her brother with a puppy dog face.
" "scoffed Amir.
Amir smiled marvelously.
"I dare you to touch it!"
The dark night eyed girl extended her hand her eyes closed afraid to touch it.
All of a sudden she opened her eyes and said going as far away from the long white silver streaked hair boy as she could, "NO!I can' are just to creepy!"
Amir ran towards her. "Touch it!"
"No!" ran Adriana.
"Touch it!" said Amir as he ran after her.
"No!Stop it!I don't want to!"begged Adriana
"Touch it!I triple dog dare you to touch it." dared her brother.
"Both of you stop it! You'll wake up Ang-"
Adriana stopped, took a deep breath, and screamed as loud as she could that Angel who was sleeping on one of the tree branches. He stood up a little, and spoke angry rubbing his eyes,looking at the two kids running around.
"BE QUIET!Can't you keep it down!I'm trying to sleep!I haven't slept all night and I would appreciate it if you would give me some peace and quiet!"
Angel was the first and oldest child of all was the oldest from all four kids in the family,15 years old. He was different than his brother and sisters. He had tremendous powers that possibly could kill his whole family and had silver white hair and clear soft orange color eyes. He despises all humans except for his mother and a little girl who is 10 years old named Mika. Amir dropped the bug startled by Angels sudden yell.
"You too!?" said Steph, climbing on the tree where Angel was.
" was just some 's noting." Said Angel, brushing Stephs hair lightly.
She opened her arms and said with an innocent look, "Huggy?"
" ." smiled Angel,and opened his arms.
Steph hugged him and put her head on the fluffy thing around his shoulder that went down to his feet. He looked at her and said "Just don't fall asleep on me like last..."
He smirked in amusement with a peaceful and happy smile and said, " .Sleep well then"
He brushed her hair a bit and let out a small sigh.
Adriana and Amir had stopped at both Steph and Angel there dad said with a smile, " 're close."
He looked at the two next two kids next to him and sigh, "Why can't you two be the same?"
"Hmph!"both crossing their arms and turning their backs to one another.
Steph and Angel had already fallen asleep on the tree branch. Angel had hugged Steph and put his head on the tree leaning back on it. Their mother had finished making dinner. When she was completely done setting up everything on the table, she went out side where everyone else was "Guys!Dinner is ready~!Where's Steph and Angel?"
Their human mother's name was Rozet. She was the most caring and honest women in the world.
"Up at the tree." smirk her husband and pointed with his thumb at the top of the tree facing his wife
Their father was the king of all demons, which made Rozet the queen. Steph and Adriana were princesses, and Angel and Amir princes. Their fathers' name was Anthony.
"What's so funny about that?" said Rozet, confused looking at Anthony blankly.
"Just look up at them and you'll see" said Anthony, with a smile happy.
"They get along with each other so well. They've never had a fight. It makes me happy to know that I don't have to worry about them."
She looked at the tree.
As Rozet looked up, she saw them and smiled big, then screamed and said excitedly "They look so adorably cute~!Where's my camera?!"
She started to look for it to take a picture.
"H-Honey come on not now!Its dinner time right?" begged Anthony tying to change the subject fast smiling a bit nervously.
"M-Mommy?" Said Adriana upset.
"What's wrong honey?" Said Rozet, looking at Adriana.
"Big bro never acts the way he acts with Steph with me"
"Awwuhh 's don't we just go inside and eat now?" Said Rozet, and started going inside the house with Adriana and Amir.
"Anthony would you please wake up Angel and Stephanie?"
"Alright." Said Anthony, and went to wake them up.
Just when Rozet, Adriana and Amir were almost at the house the house, it exploded. A demon emerged out of the soul from within the wooden building destroying it. He had somewhat short dark blue-black hair, with white stripes at the sides. He possessed the power of the two gods: fire and lighting. Adriana and Rozet screamed as the place they lived in exploded and they were thrown to the ground.
"Who are you!? I demand you to answer me"hissed Anthony, angrily at the unknown demon.
When Anthony and Rozet were able to get up, Rozet yelled to her small son.
"Amir!Take your little sister and run. Hide and don't show your self, until either me or your dad comes and get you understood?"
"Yes mom,but Angel and Steph are-" Amir, getting cut off.
"Don't worry about run sweet heart. Everything will be fine."
She run towards the demon, taking out her when the human mother run towards the demon, he conjured a fire ball and threw her sword away from her hand, ignoring Anthonys' question. Making a fire circle around her, he prevented her from speaking and shutting off the sound of her voice.
"Let her go!" yelled the demon king, with anger growling at the demon.
The demon charged at Anthony and Anthony blocked his attack with his sword. Then he said fuming, "What do u want from us!?"
"Isn't it obvious?I want your make my self king of the demons!" laughed the demon at Anthonys question.
"You're insane! You're just going to put your self at risk! Do you even know what it means to be a king of the demons!? Thousands of people and demons every day try to k-"
Before Anthony could finish his sentence the demon pierced him with his sword thorough his stomach.
"...R-ro...ze...t..."Said Anthony looking at Rozet with sadness and fear in his eyes.
Rozet pounded on the glass screaming his name helplessly, as her love died. The demon pulled the sword out and Anthony fell on the ground. He turned around and looked at Rozet, annoyed with her and walked towards her.
"No!Don't come any closer!Stay away!" thought Rozet , looking at the one who has just killed her love.
He took off the spell and the magic circle around the human. As she started to run, he used his powers, creating a big fire ball and threw it at her. The fire attacked her and she fell to the ground screaming in pain burning. The demon then started looking for the two kid that had escaped and when he found them he kidnapped them. Steph and Angel were still on the tree sleeping, but because of everything and every loud noise that was made, they woke up. As soon as Steph saw what was happening she jumped off the tree and started running after them, yelling.
"Leave them alone!"
Angel followed after her stopping her and caught her by the wrist.
"Let go of me!I have to go help them!" begged Steph, about to cry struggling to escape from her older brothers strong grip.
"I'm sorry Steph!"said Angle apologetically.
"Noooo!" said Steph, crying.