Invisible Ghost

The moon is up

It looks down

Upon us

It just stares

We walk upon this bank

By the water

Flowing below us

It pays us no mind

As it goes by

This world of ours

Is full of mystery

It just lives its life

As if we weren't here

Are we invisible?

Do we not exist?

We are here

I don't understand

My friends live their lives

Like I'm not here

Did I do something wrong?

Are they mad about something?

Besides you, no one can see me

And besides me, no one can see you

What happened?

How did we get

The wrong hand in life?

What did we do wrong?

We can't be...

No we can't be

I won't accept such a thing

It is too hard to think about

I can't be invisible

I can't be a ghost

How do such things happen?

Could it be?

Me a ghost?

But how?

I always lived my life to the fullest

I never did anything wrong

I was a little angel

I did everything my parents told me

I never argued or complained

I never talked back

So what did I do wrong?

I am in my own hell

I am an invisible ghost

And there is no escape