Thoughts of Yesterday (Sequel to The Beginning of the End)

The battle has been going on for years

And only now do we have hope

Of finally winning

The end is near

We can all feel it

Those children

Will be avenged

The time has come

It is perfect

To kill the enemy

Once they are

All gone and dead

We will rejoice

And think of those

Long dead children

We will think of days long past

And those long gone and dead

Those we haven't had the time

To think of for many a year

Those we've missed bitterly

And wished were here again

Right beside us

It is time to rid the earth

Of this filth

Our enemy shall die

This day

We will be rid of them

For once and all

Then and then

Shall we live in peace

We shall never worry again

We shall be happy again

And live like we used to

The enemy is dead

Now we will remember

Those thoughts of yesterday