Guys the ' around a sentence means the guy is talking...thk u

Ch 2

"Mate?!" I yelled. My voice bounced off the walls. Somehow I had made it to school and was now yelling.

( another chuckle )

"This isn't funny" I replied. How could I be your mate! I thought. You left me all alone. That's not a mate from what I know.

'Your right. I'm a sorry at excuse of a mate. The reason I avoid you was because I wasn't strong enough for you. I didn't feel like I could protect you anymore. Did you not think I didn't notice the bruises and cuts before you left for camp?! Do you know how hard it was to control my wolf and not lock you up so I would know you were safe! '


'Where are you now? I can feel you close.'

I looked around . I was near the commons which was close to the science room.

"Science room? Why?"

'Hold on' he said in a hurry.

I waited cause that was what he wanted rite?

I heard feet tapping. That had to be him!


Just some horny wolves. Maybe I can ask them where his class is..

"Ummm...could you tell me which class Jay is in?"

"Idk...he was in English a few mins ago, then he just left ! The girl answered looking slightly annoyed.

I heard feet coming this way had better be him!

It was! Dropping in sweat that told me something was up! But what really caught my eyes was his now toned chest! My birthday present came early this year I thought.

He smiled but soon noticed we weren't alone.

'Leave' he used his alpha voice.i would have too if not for him grabbing my arm.

'I'm sorry! For all the things I put you though. Please will you be mine?' He tried to smile but it quickly faded after I hadn't answered. I was too shocked. I always loved him now that my feeling are returned I didn't know what to do.

"I...I more words formed and I smiled and nodded.

"I love you ." He whispered.

"I love you too, I answered automatically.

He grabbed my neck...and kissed the life out of me. I couldn't keep up and let him lead since he knew what he was doing. We broke for breath and I pulled to move away when he bought me for another kiss. This one better then the first.

I moaned into the kiss and that seemed to egg him on farther.

I pulled back.."stop before we do something, we regret." He pouted. My future alpha pouted over not kissing. I couldn't wait for the other faces only I would see.