That day was almost the best day of my life. The best day of my life was the one right after that day. When he marked me as his and only his. I had yet to mark him, I wanted it to be when we're in our first heat and he gives me our little bundle of joy.

Little did I know we were going to face an extreme test.

We had been going out secretly for the past two months. Everything was going great and we were learning about each again. Not that I had any problems expectly when most of the time he was shirtless. It made it hard to listen but I worked at it. Sometimes I think he did just so he knew how much he affected me. Day by day my love for him was brewing stronger, it even got to a point where if I saw him with a female I wanted to kill her and more than once did he have to drag me away before I got the poor soul good enough. We would spend our nights and afternoons, when he didn't practice...yes he joined the football made him...,together in the fields where he made those heartbreaking promises.

I was in class when, I got a text from him saying to meet him in the field right after never texted me in school besides lunch. I knew he I could feel it. I tried to pull on the connection we had formed because we were mates but he blocked me. Why? I don't know but intended to find out.

(After school in the field)

He had paced back and fore so much I just wanted to trip he so he did something new.

"Love what's wrong?" I asked quietly.

"I-I -you...SHIT! father has ordered me to marry from another pack." He eyes turned to burn into mine.

"No." I shook my head I wasn't giving him up again off we've just reunited and I wasn't about to lose him again.


"I said no, your mine. I'm not giving you up! I finally got you back. Did you expect me to give you up easily ? Your my mate and no one else's. I'll be damn if some other girl will take you away from me."

"That's my girl. I was hoping you would fight for me so how about we make this relationship public so the whole world knows about it?"

I nodded. Finally we didn't have to hide.

He grabbed me and pulled me closer...he whispered something so low I couldn't understand.

"Open your mouth."

I shook my head, we had kissed before but it was only lips and I wasn't sure if I could held that type of kissing. Or maybe I wanted to give him a ran for his money..which do you think.

I took off racing though the overgrown grass. Not far behind I heard a growl. Oooops, I knew he had certain limits and I hope...

I was tackled to the ground, I waited to feel the earth but it never came, In fact when I opened my eyes I was in his arms.

"Never do that again. Do you know how much my wolf wants to fuck your brains out!" He yelled as he rolled on top of me.

I smiled. I wanted him so much. I really hoped he knew .

"Now, little mate how should we punish you?" I knew then that wasn't Jay but his wolf. And truth be told a person's wolf could be dangerous.

"How about you let me go...Wolfe?"

He laughed and growled at the sometime.

"I don't think so little mate. You see I'm in a good mood because of that little speech you gave back there. And I must say I agree, we have been apart for to long, and that you only belong to me. Do you know how much pride you put in me for saying those words. No you wouldn't ...that's why we're going to show you...right Jayy?"

He waited a moment as if I might hear Jay if I listen hard enough. I still didn't hear anything.

They flipped me over and began to rip my clothes.

"Hey, wait! I need those after..."

"Ooo...little mate, you have no say don't you understand that?! And you won't ever need clothes with me love. When I though with you, you won't even be able to walk." Jay's wolf growled.

I shivered. God, I really hope that was true.

"Bring it." I whispered in their ear.