He is my everything. It makes no sense, but I must say:

He has my life inside his hands. Within his schedule fall all my plans.

His eyes hold all sincerity, without this I can barely breathe.

My muscles freeze, and I can't move, as he makes his way across the room.

He smiles at me, our eyes don't part. That simple action holds my heart.

Every word he says to me, holds my thoughts, I can not think.

I only wish he knew the truth, his picture heals me when I'm so blue.

I can never have what isn't mine. Maybe now is not my time.

For in this moment I only wish that she resides in peaceful bliss.

The eternal bliss inside his heart can't be found at the local mart.

One in a million have the chance, to live in this thing we call romance.

Just for now I turn off the light and make it through this lonely night.