A battle field. You verses the world. You suit up in armor. You are ready to fight. Thousands of people charge towards you. You stand, a lone soldier. You fight your hardest. "I will win this battle", you tell yourself. Any onlooker says you have lost all sanity to attempt such a fight. What are you fighting for? You look over your shoulder, and there it is. Your heart, dying. It is strapped to machines that are barely able to keep it alive.

You know that without it you are nothing, but a dark person without hope. You know that you can't live without its zeal to find that special someone. In the back of your mind you know that the same heart has kept you alive has also caused you so much pain. At that thought you drop your sword. This heart has caused you to fall in love with those who don't care and have sympathy for those who trash your gifts. As if they are worthless. This heart is your enemy, why are you risking your life for it? At this moment the metal of your sword hits the rock beneath you, and it is almost as if the sound has cleared your mind. No matter how many negative thoughts flow through your head you always remember one thing. What is life without love? Even if you don't want to love anyone or anything, having that choice keeps you alive. How could you function without caring about anything? You can't let your heart die; all the bad choices weren't because your heart lead you to the wrong person. The bad choices were because you couldn't make your own rational decisions. Although your heart may have knocked your vision out of focus at times, but your brain was still functioning. Your heart kept you living and as you made wrong decisions you slowly began to kill it. You can't live knowing you were the main cause of the death of this beautiful creature.

You look down as your sword is now flat against the Earth. You reach for it, and you can see the wave of opposing soldiers rush towards you in a rage. You wrap all of your fingers around the base of your sword, and promise yourself to end this war victorious.

No matter who you are, or how hard-hearted you pretend to be, you can never deny the feelings in your heart. You can only choose wiser actions before allowing any human to reside in your heart. You can't sit back and accept defeat, it is against human nature. You can't deny this fight. You may refuse to admit it, but you are, and forever will be, a Soldier of Love.