I am reading your words

Crying as I see in my head what he has done

I want him to pay for harming you

I want to rip his skin open with a razor blade and see how he likes it

Undomesticated equines could not tear me away from the battle I see before me

I see a girl who is broken inside thats trying to stitch up her wounds

I want to hold her tight and steal all her scars

I would die and suffer for her a thousand times over

I want to clutch you to my chest and protect you from the darkness that threatens you

This is my fight now

I am both the sword and the spear

The Warrior and the Mother

I would bleed for you and die for you

You give this life meaning

Every day all I want to see is your words

They are one of three things that can make me smile

I am here and I am never giving up on you

I know that you can make it

I know that you will be strong

I know you will be healthy again

And I just want you to know that I love you