One hand, one grip
I just need a single tip
How to gain back my composure
Searching for any closure


Rocky, shaky, tipping over
This Earth can't last that much longer
Letting go, another option
Just release. A simple action


All this fear, stay and linger
Thumb, index, middle finger
Can't escape for myself
Remembering items on my shelf


My teddy bear, and picture frame
Everyone though it was all a game
One thing needed to save a life
One small action would be nice


Accept it all, you're going to fall
Feel alone, empty hall
Last finger, going to slip
Close your eyes, you feel a grip
On your hand so you look
Up to the one who took
Their time to see you struggle
And helped you out on the double.


They touch the ground, restore the peace
All the evil starts to cease
Like I said, it doesn't take much
All it took was one small touch