Remaining in your shadows,
I'm always in your view.
You walk right past the meadows,
Past the morning dew.
Your shadows are so cold,
But it's the warmest thing to me.
My heart you always mold,
To see what you can see.

I see the world through your eyes,
It's all so cold and grey.
I see you're not satisfied,
By the cold, sad song you play.
There is a box of matches,
Just outside your view.
The rest of the world fetches,
But you just stay so blue.

All days aren't that bad,
But I need to move on.
I know the life you could have had,
But this time I am gone.
I'll miss the chill,
Of the cold dark nights.
I'll miss the feel,
Of the harsh frost bites.

I will always be within arms reach
If you ever need a hand.
Other goals I wish to seek,
Because life has become so bland.

Heart ache.
Price paid.
Harsh take,
But life's pain.