Taking each step with you as we dance under this full moon.

Forgetting the time of sorrow.

We can't see our destiny that written in the stars, why do we fall in love?

Illuminated by this lovely moon, it slowly quenched my desire for you.

I embrace my destiny with open arms as I scream wherefore art thou Juliet.

You all laugh and say this is only foolish love.

But I would stop everything and go to her if she needs me.

Oh my Juliet, where are you?

Oh please tell me god, what do I need to do?

To have my wish come true under these stars.

Its hurt so bad that I cannot fall asleep; it's your entire fault.

The sun rise takes so long, the night dragging on only to torture me.

All alone, swallowed up the darkness that crept closer.

I cannot stop this loneliness that consumes day by day.

I given up my name only for her, bailing out my leaden wings that tore from back.

Now baring my fangs up to the heavens.

why? I'm me fatefully

Even if our vows of love is uncertain.

There will be not one thing to lose.

Oh my Juliet.

Please God answer me, what do I have to do to make my wish come true.

Ah how bad I wanna see you right now.

Crying to the night sky "My sweet Juliet."

I am nothing but; the fortune's fool!

I hold cancelled love that her and I once held.

I am nothing but; the fortune's fool!

I hold the sadness that fills my heart everyday.

You can laugh and say this a foolish love I have.

But I drop everything and go to her when she needs me.

Please God what won't you tell me what i have to do?

To make my wish and our love com true.

Oh my Juliet

Ah it hurts so bad as i cry to the night sky "please my sweet Juliet."

Does everyone go to sleep holding such a love like this?

Wake up and laugh saying it's a lie.

Oh my sweet Juliet.

You, who can sleep so peacefully, forgetting the love we once shared.

And me with no name lash by these rains of tragedy.

I say goodnight to my sweet Juliet.