Who are you, my angel?

You're a stranger now

You don't dress like yourself

Don't talk with that voice

If I know who you'd become

I would've told you I loved you years ago.


What happened to you, my angel?

You're no longer an angel at all.

I know I've hardened,

And you've fallen and can't get up,

But I always tried

To keep you within arm's reach.


Where are you, my angel?

I've lost you in the smoke and haze

And dry swallows.

Though we're together

It's as if you've left

And a broken vessel is all that remains.


When did you change, my angel?

I didn't notice until it was too late.

I was fighting my own battles,

Trying to save the world

Like I always do,

But you slipped through the cracks without me.


Why did you change, my angel?

I would have loved you no matter what.

I did love you no matter what.

Is it because I never told you?

Were the lingering looks and meaningful stares not enough?

You always were my clueless idiot.


How are you, my angel?

Are you feeling whole once more?

The battle's over, we won

And things are as they should be

I'll never leave you wayward again

Because I don't just love you, I need you.