First Fictionpress story. be warned, later parts will make you wanna cry.

Chapter 1: The Search

Hello, I'm Natsume Himiku, and I'm currently in my third year of high school. Over the years I've been living alone ever since my parents died around 3 years ago, sad moments and good moments have happened but, I've managed so far. But I need friends, I was friends with second and third year students and they are somewhere in the world and we hardly see each other. Good, sad, bad and happy times we had is always in our hearts and I'm happy that we can try and meet new friends. I heard the phone ring and went downstairs to pick up the phone.

"Hello Himiku residence." I said and it looks like I'm moving to another school in another part of Japan. "Where?" I asked and it looks like I'm going to Kyoto. "Oh, Kyoto huh. Okay, when should I go?" I also asked because I need to say goodbye to everyone at the school I'm at. "The day after tomorrow?! That barely gives me enough time to pack...I'll start packing soon! See ya!" As soon as I hung up, I ran upstairs and started packing. Kyoto is going to be a huge place for me, it's not that far considering that I live in Tokyo and it only takes me about a few minutes to get to my new house, neighborhood and school. Thinking to myself took me the entire time packing and it looked dark so I need to sleep for now.

Next Day: May 23, 2012

"...And that's why I'm moving to a different school tomorrow. I hope I can stay in touch with everyone here." I bowed and school was over after I explained everything.

I was walking out and everyone wished me good luck on my studies at a different school, that made me really happy, knowing what's going to happen.

Next Day: May 24, 2012: Moving Day

I got dressed and went downstairs. Sunday, tomorrow I start school at Kyoto High School. I wonder what fun adventures I'll be having at my new school, new house and most importantly, my new life. I went on and on about how everything's going to happen.

Later that day

I finally arrived and I unpacked all of my stuff into my new house, the place is really roomy for a girl who's living on her own for the past 3 years now.

After I unpacked, I walked around Kyoto, to get a feel on what the place really is. I've been to Kyoto only once and that was a long time ago I can barely even remember what happened. I walked on the trail to the school and I was very happy that my new life is almost here.

That Night

It felt really empty here, mostly because I'm living alone and no one's even here.

"Hmm..." I was absorbed in my thinking, "Maybe I should talk to one of my friends." I told myself and I searched through my contact list and I realized something, "Oh yeah, some of them moved to America, and the timezones are different than Japan's." I sighed and I looked outside, "I didn't cook yet. I guess I'll make something then go to sleep." I said to myself and went up to cook something.


After eating, I went to my room and I saw the new uniform and I snapped back to my happiness, "I can't wait," I ran outside from my room and opened the door, "For school to start!" I screamed my heart with all of the excitement.

The Next Day: May 25, 2012

I woke up bright and early and got dressed. I ran out the door with bread in my mouth and trying to put my blazer on and fixing my tie.

After all that's done I sighed and looked at the time on my phone, "8 huh." I sighed again and looked up and I see this girl walking too. I wonder who she is? I asked myself and walked up to the girl and I tapped her shoulder and she turned around around and saw me.

"Who are you?" She boldly asked and I smiled, "Wait, can you be the student that everyone's been buzzing about for the past two days?" She also asked and I nod.

"I'm Natsume Himiku," I introduced myself and bowed, "It's nice to meet you, I'm in Class 3-1." I finished and looked up at her, "And who might you be?" I asked.

"Well I'm..."

To be Continued

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