"Well I'm Akia Mirazaka and you're in the same class as me. That's cool!" Akia Mirazaka introduced herself.

"Well, I'm happy that we can be friends!" I smiled and said to Akia as we headed to school.

Chapter 2: Akia Mirazaka

"Alright, students, we have a new student joining us." The teacher said to the class and I felt my heart beating really fast. "Alright, her name is Natsume Himiku and she came from Tokyo." I walked inside and I bowed.

"My name is Natsume HImiku and yes, I did transfer from Tokyo," I smiled, "I hope we can have a great school year together because we need to make this year last!" I was happy and everyone cheered when I said that 'we need to make this year last!' to everyone.

"Alright, settle down, Natsume, you sit next to Akia Mirazaka over there." The teacher pointed to Akia, "And my name is Ms. Fukimi." I bowed to the class and rushed over to Akia, with a smile upon my face as usual.

After School

"Geez, today was a fun day!" I said, stretching my arms, "It was nice meeting new people I never seen in Tokyo." I finished after I said that and I looked at Akia, who was smiling, then, her smile faded.

"Yeah, but, our city's been getting these mysterious phone calls from a mysterious person, and my parents went overseas again." She sighed.

"Wow, your parents seem to like going overseas." I laughed and she looked at me seriously and I stopped, "Anything wrong?" I asked and she looked at the sky.

"Can we go somewhere private?" She asked and I tilted my head, "I need to tell you something very important." She said.

"Sure." I said and we headed off.

Akia's house

"Whoa! I didn't know that you're the daughter of the Mirazaka actors!" I was amazed, then settled down, "It must be tough living here with no one around huh?" I asked Akia and she nods.

"It's been like this since I was around in 3rd grade." She said and I was shocked, "My parents never have time for me and go on trips without telling me," Her face was red now, "They never do anything with me," She started to cry, "It's so damn hard!" She exploded with tears running down her face and I started to cry.

"It is tough living on your own!" I said, barely.

"Why's that?" Akia asked, trying to break the tears.

"My parents died 3 years ago, it was some kind of accident that happened." I cried harder, the fact that I explained my parents death made some memories come back.

"I'm so sorry to hear that." She also cried harder.

"Thanks." I said.

After crying for so long, we hugged and cried away, trying to release the pain and sorrow that we suffered for so long. The pain of the memories that came flowing into our heads again, only brought pain and sorrow that we must suffer again.

We stopped after about 4 hours and it was close to sunset by the time we stopped.

"Why don't we stay with each other?" I asked while sniffling a bit.

"That's a great idea, since we live alone now." Akia agreed while sniffling as well.

"Well, let's get moving to my house!" I grabbed her arm and dragged her outta the house.

"Wait! I gotta lock the door really quick!" She yelled after I pulled her away from the house.

"Oh yeah, sorry." I rubbed my head and smiled.

"It's okay Natsume." She said while smiling and locked the door to the mansion. "Alright, now, let's get moving!" She yelled and took off running.

"Hey! Wait up Akia!" I yelled back to her and started running as well, trying to catch up to her.

I heard her laughing when I always trying to catch up to her and I started running harder and finally catching up to her and we both smiled.

My house

"It's rather large for someone who's living alone." I said and Akia looked around.

"It's okay, it's rather cute actually." Akia smiled, "People know me to be a tomboy," She started rubbing her head, "And I said that it's rather cute here." She giggled a bit and I smiled.

"Don't worry, I'm happy that you said that." I started laughing and Akia saw me laughing and she started to laugh.

We laughed away and the day went by.

To Be Continued

When it said "Fukimi" that's a last name of one of the heroines that appear later, keep in mind about that. Anyways, how was the story going? I think it's going slightly well, but, it's your opinion. R&R