One fine warm day. The pixie was playing with Mana when they heard a loud thump coming across the enchanted lake.

The pixie knew it was forbidden to cross the enchanted lake,but the pixie was curious about the noise.

The pixie climbed unto Mana's. back and flew across the lake and saw the thump came from a deer caught in a snare and humans were about to kill the deer.

The pixie got Mana to fly at the humans as a distraction while she freed the deer,

Suddenly an arrow whiz pass the pixie"s head and shot one of the humans dead.

The Nymph appeared and the other humans ran away then face the wrath of the nymph.

The deer kissed the pixie and prance off into the ancient forest.

The nymph smiled and allowed the pixie to live here with her and her twin the mermaid.

The pixie became the guardian of the sacred garden.

The end