Chapter 25

I stared at Kelly in disbelief. I shook my head slowly. "No, no you can't be," I whispered. "Not like this."

She just nods, tearing up.

"How do you know? How could you possibly know?"

"My period should have started a week ago, but it didn't."

"It could come late though, right? It doesn't always start the same time every time, does it?"

"It's too much of a coincidence. I wanted to tell you sooner..."

She cried now, I couldn't help but cry with her. We cried in our corner while the others watched and wondered what we were crying about. We cried into each others shoulders.

My feelings suddenly went from sadness to anger. We'd all be killed for no reason, like so many others, just because they're scared. And they're unknowingly killing a baby. Hell, if they knew Kelly was pregnant, they'd be ecstatic. They'd believe they were doing a good thing, stopping another one of us from joining the Earth. This was our last chance to stop this, and I sure as hell wasn't going to waste it.

I heated my hands hot enough to melt hand cuffs I was bound by. I got up and went to Mike and helped him out of his zip ties, then melted the chain of his hand cuffs. I would of melted the cuffs themselves, but I didn't want to risk letting molten metal get on him.

"What are you doing?" Mike asked.

"This is our last chance guys. We have to try."

I went to Felix next. "Felix, I want you to expose the electrics in the wall so Mike can hack them and increase the oxygen and humidity so we can fight back."

Felix and Mike did as I asked while I freed Sandy and Kelly.

"What were you two crying about?" Sandy asked.

"That's not important right now," I told her. "We have to focus on escaping."

"I'm done. Hopefully it works," Mike said.

Felix fixed the wall, then we all sat down and put our hands behind our backs, pretending to be confined. Then we waited, occasionally making eye contact with each other.

The door finally opened. The man stared at us all, showing extra contempt towards me. A guard accompanied him. The man walked toward me, reaching for me. As he did so, I punched him in the face with a fiery fist. He went flying backwards into the guard. The both fell, their heads slamming against the concrete floor. They were both out cold. We all split up, Mike, Felix and Sandy going left, while Kelly and I headed right. As we came by doors, we'd press the button to open them up and free the prisoners.

"We're freeing you guys," I said quickly. "We need you to go ahead and slow down the guards that are inevitably going to pursue us. Got it?"

They all nodded as I melted some of their cuffs and Kelly froze and broke the rest of them. Felix was breaking the cuffs of the bloodlines on the other side with a jagged rock. We did the same thing as we ran through the cells.

We soon heard gunshots up ahead. Guards had arrived. We did our work freeing more while those who went ahead fought. Some cells had full bloodlines, some only had one rainbow blood. We ushered them ahead to help with the fighting. Progressively the gunshots got quieter. Others helped us free the ones ahead.

As we moved on, I wondered how big this place was. How long would it take to get out? We had already been through what felt like a million cells. Where was the exit?

After what seemed like a centuries, we finally found a way out. Waiting for us all out there was the last thing we wanted to see.

Outside was an army. A full on military force of RBS agents.

Everyone that went ahead was already fighting. Bodies of rainbow bloods and RBS agents were on the ground, six different colors of blood staining the snow. Fire, ice, earth, wind, electricity and bullets were flying through the air. I immediately joined the fray, shooting fire at the enemy. Kelly joined in as well, firing water and ice into the crowd.

I was blind to everything but the people I attacked. I forgot about everything, my mom, the interrogation, my wounds, Mike, Felix, Sandy, even Kelly. I was too focused on fighting. On freeing us all.

I took a second to examine the situation. There were too many of them. Despite the fact we could take out more of them in one attack, they overwhelmed us in numbers. We were loosing people fast too. Though there were many of us - much more than any of us expected - we still had a lot less then the red bloods. Although we were more powerful than them, we couldn't handle all of these people.

I took too long examining the situation. A bullet connected with my shoulder. The same one that had been shot months before. My body jerked sideways and I fell to a knee. I struggled to get to a safe position behind the front lines. I looked around hoping for Kelly. I couldn't see her anywhere. I looked among the corpses, and thankfully didn't see her their either. I prayed that she was still up and moving. I prayed that they all were.

I looked past the army and over the hills. Something seemed to be emerging from over the hill. They were vehicles of some sort. Reinforcements, I thought. If we weren't fucked before, we sure as hell were now. We couldn't handle anymore of them. Then I saw foot troops behind the vehicles. Wouldn't they be in the vehicles? I noticed that the vehicles driving up were buses. Normal city buses. They were driving at breakneck speeds. I realized they weren't enemies, they were friends. They were our reinforcements.

The drivers, all of which were orange bloods, set the engines ablaze and jumped out the windows onto level platforms made by green bloods. All the rainbow bloods avoided the path of the oncoming buses, and before the RBS agents knew what was going on, the flaming buses careened into them and continued into the headquarters, where they would blow up at random intervals.

The enemy was now surrounded, and outnumbered. They didn't know which side to attack. Now they were overwhelmed. It was only a matter of time before they surrendered. The blue bloods froze their hands behind their backs. Rainbow bloods walked around with first aid kits. They must of taken them out of the buses. They went around helping injured ones. Someone walked up to me. I recognized his curly hair.

"Hey, you're from the arena," I said to him.

"Yeah, I am, most people call me Eddy, though," he said, opening up a first aid kit he held.

"Okay, Eddy. I'm Hephaestus. You should help someone else, I'll be fine."

"Are you kidding? You're loosing a lot of blood from your shoulder. Plus, I need to talk to you."

"OK, you can start by telling me how you found us, after leaving from miles away, and why you all changed your minds about helping us," I asked, not intending to be so demanding.

Eddy patched up my arm while he explained. "Well, after thinking about it, I realized that, you freed us all, or at least I assumed so, considering you gave the speech. I thought that we owed it to you to help you, and I convinced everyone me and my bloodlines came across, and maybe we really could end this.

"And as for finding you guys, well, my dad had told me that besides the powers we had, all rainbow bloods could track their bloodlines by following telepathic transmissions sent by them in times of distress. They're sent whether they mean to or not."

"So bloodlines in your group found bloodlines in here?"

"Yes, they helped, but I also got transmissions. You see, it also works between blood relatives, and I got transmissions from you."

"Wait, you're saying we're... brothers?"

"Yes, we are."