So this was an assignment for a creative writing class, where the only guideline was that it had to start with "This poem". I based it loosely on my experiences at my Basic Training for the army. Let me know what you think :)

Private Poem

This poem has its uniform in order,
no loose words to unravel its verses,
all its adjectives polished till they shine.
It snaps smartly to attention
(when told to do so)
and salutes the officer as he passes.

It stands in a tidy line with other poems,
not fidgeting or adjusting its punctuation,
ready, waiting for the order,
all its stanzas tense in anticipation.
"By the right, Quick...March!"
(Counting in its head)
Turn! 2, 3.
Wait! 2, 3.
Left, Right, Left!
Moving in unison across the page,
no poem different from the next.

This poem swore an oath to its country
to defend it down to the last period,
and makes its debut at a reading,
amid moon dust and IED's,
in the Theatre of War.