As you will probably realize; this is not a real story. This is an addition, because... It just fits here. That's all.

There was sand between my toes; and the sound of waves. The smell of the ocean was evident. I heard a woman say; "This is a perfect spot." And I set the towel down and set up the rest of the stuff.

I was on a beach, with towels, Candles and her. My beloved.

We kissed and embraced. We then blew out the candles and watched the stars for hours.

I shifted her so our bodies were touching; and she reflected back to her 9th grade year; when she had to learn all about space. "I hated it so much. All that bullshit about the constillations and their names; and the Physics; Photons and Neutrinos and Beta and Gamma and whatever... That's why I dropped the Honors track for science, anyway."

I hugged her and listened, and mentioned that I had loved that unit.
"Shut up!" She said laughing.

I slipped off her tank top, and kissed her forehead gently. She giggled and rubbed her ankles seductively.

I don't quite remember what happened next. But I was in a Tuxedo the next thing I knew, and in a tie in a strangling knot on my neck.

It looked like I was in a church.

I was led down the aisle, with feet that I did not quite feel; to that same girl, in a beautiful white dress, Wearing makeup for the first time in her life.

I barely made it through the ceremony to kiss her lips again.

We flew to our getaway in Spain; such a romantic, awesome time. She laughed, and I smiled, awed at her beauty. Her grey eyes and beautiful, silk brown hair. We had a beautiful 10 days in Spain; 10 days in paradise.

Te amo, bello. Te amo.

I guess the honeymoon ended; because I was in an apartment the next thing I knew, with a couch and chair and dining table organized nicely.

She came out of a room; I assume our bedroom; and began to make eggs.

It was when she first got up when I thought she was the most beautiful of all... Her hair messily made into a bun, in a sloppy T-shirt and sweatpants.

I loved that look for her more than a fine dress or a miniskirt; my favorite was a T-Shirt and Sweatpants.

I hugged her from behind, and she pushed me away, giggling.

That night, we were in bed again; and we talked about a house. I wanted a suburban, small house. She wanted a large one.

Our two cats; Annie and Larry; both came in and started snuggling with us. And we did.

A four-way; Annie, Larry, Me and the woman of my dreams. All in a bed.

I said this to my wife, teasingly; and she laughed. We cuddled with the cats and each other. Me and my wife kissed again; and I said I couldn't wait to move into a medium-sized house.

Soon we were in our very own house. My expecting wife sat on the couch I had just moved in; clearly winded. She had brought in a small lamp.

She looked at me, and said; only half-joking; "Don't judge me!"

I laughed. I moved in the rest of the boxes from the truck.

Very soon after that, we were at the hospital.

Serenity Anne was here at last; my baby girl.

I cried and held her; the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

Five years later; we sent her off to kindergarten. My wife was fine, but I cried. I couldn't bear to watch her grow up.

I shouted as the bus drove off; "Stay small! Don't grow old!"

But the bus drove away.

She loved school; Or so Serenity told me. By that time; me and my wife wanted another baby. I accepted Serenity's schooling; her already knowing basic math and reading.

That night, we put her to bed and went to our room.

I looked her in the eyes and face; and marveled over what a beautiful woman she still was.

I told her I loved her; and she said it back. We kissed, and pulled each other close, smiling and making eye contact.

We stripped; and kissed again.

Just as my wife and I embraced; I felt so happy. Blindingly, purely happy.

Suddenly, everything shifted.

I heard a chiming; a musical tone.

A blinding light...

I realized... I was awake.

I rubbed my eyes and groaned. I looked at my phone screen.

It was her. She texted me; "Wanna Hang Out?" With a wink face.

I choked back tears, and I sent a reply; "OK."

I shut my phone, grabbed my pillow, and put it in the crook of my arms in front of me, in an embrace.

Tears entered my eyes. I rocked my body back and forth, pillow still in-grip.

The tone sounded again. I picked up the phone; and her message read; "Thanks! See you then. BFFs forever" and then a heart.

I cried, completely breaking down in my bed.

But I still ended up going. I heard her talk about everything except what I so desperately wanted her to say.

But it never came. And I felt sadder and sadder inside.

We watched a superhero movie, and she leaned against me on the couch. We ended up arguing over who was better; Iron Man or the Hulk; and then we ended up play-wrestling. "The hulk is better because he's a bad boy. Iron Man-" She starts, shifting her voice to a nasally, 'nerd' voice; "has a girlfriend, and is in love and would do anything for his woman." She then makes a fart sound with her mouth, still wrestling. I couldn't help but laugh.
She put me in a pin, and I laughed. Her face was just inches above my own... It felt so warm and beautiful... like I could sink into it and be purely happy forever...

She soon pulls me out of it. "You just got beat up by a GIRL, little bitch." She mocks teasingly.

"No fair; I can't fight that pretty face." I said to her.

She smirked, and touched my nose teasingly.

I smiled on the outside.

On the inside, my heart was breaking. A physical pain; in my chest. It tinged and ached with an intensity. My face started to shift from happy to a sad, aching kind of expression. She got off, assuming she was hurting me.

"Are you okay?" She asked; annoyed.
"Yes." No.

"Are you sure?"
"Totally." I'm dying.

She remembered something that she wanted to ask me. She reached into her pocket; and she said to me;

"What do you think of this guy; based on his appearance?" She said as she pulled out her phone and some guy's Facebook page.
I looked at it.

"He looks like a swell dude." I'm better than him.

"Aww, you're so great!" She said to me, like she would to a cute dog or a kitten, as she pinched my cheek.

I smiled, humoring her and nodded. "Yep." So why can't you see how great I would be for you?

Six months later, that man I reviewed for her ended up cheating on her. He slapped her when she ran; and I let her in at about 10:30 on Friday Night, exhausted from my Marathon Call Of Duty session.

"You ok?"

She held back tears; and she said; "He cheated on me. And slapped me and told me I was a bitch."

I gave her a hug, and she sobbed in my arms.

I wish I could make you feel all-better. But you won't let me...

"Don't worry; he's just a jerk. He's not worth your time."

She cried more. I could see his hand imprint on her cheek and eye.
"I'll make you a hot chocolate; and we can talk all about it if you want." I said to her, reassuringly.

She looked up, and said; "You're such a good friend."

I smiled, and paused; as if expecting something more. But I moved on when her gaze silently implored me.

I'd be an even better boyfriend...

I wished I could just rip my heart out of my chest and throw it at her. For keeping me so intimate in her friendship and being the focus of my infatuation, while at the same time dating jerkoffs and repeating her cycle of coming to me for help, and calling me a 'Friend.'

Every time you call me a friend, I die a little inside. My heart breaks a little more.

She wanted to sleep on the couch; but I gave her the bed; insisting that she sleep there.

I lay there on the couch, and just sobbed.

I wanted to have what was in my dream... I wanted my dream to become reality...

I wanted her.

I woke up at about 7; on a saturday. I went up to my room, puzzled as to why I was on the couch.

I saw her there, in my bed. She looked so peaceful...

She breathed out slowly; and I kissed her forehead. She shifted, gently. She seemed as if that struck down to her core.

Soon, she woke up and I made her breakfast in bed. She thanked me, and said; "You're such a good friend. What would I do without you?" I left the room and broke down in silent shrieks. I walked back in calmly, with a book; and began reading to her.

How sad; Me: In all my pride; in the friend zone, READING to her. A legitimate, Literate 17 year old. I was reading to her and giving her breakfast in bed, with Pancakes, Eggs and Juice with a rose in a vase; and she says; "You're such a good friend"?!

I was so upset inside.

But I dare not break the tranquility. I dare not move closer.

But why is that; I asked myself. Why do I not dare myself to move closer?

Two months passed.

On her 18th birthday; she called me at about Midnight; clearly Inebriated. I went over to drive her home. I cursed myself for doing this.

She climbed all over me; smelling like Wine and Beer. She breathed on me; and I flinched.

"Your so cute. I could just eat you up." She said; swaying with an arm around my neck.

I refused to let her in.
She kept clinging to me, and finally she asks me, when we were at her house; "Wanna fuck?"

I turned; and I said to her; "No, you're drunk. Go home and get some rest."

"Comeon. It'll be amazing." She starts to take her shirt off, and her bra is exposed.

"Fuck me, you stupid idiot! I'm so totally hot for you. Let me blow you and feel my tits all fucking night..."

I got out, opened her door; took her shirt and threw it on her; forcing her arms into the holes. I ignored what she was saying; rather graphic desires of us two. I picked her up, walked her to her doorstep and set her there. She shouted at me; but I walked away from her slurred curses and insults.

I drove off. She'll find her way in.

She called me; I sighed and picked up the phone. "What the hell! ... I'm so fucking horny, come back!" I hung up.

Not like this. I'm not going to do it. Not when she's drunk off her ass.

Soon; she was giving me heat about it.

Wow. She was mad at me for NOT taking advantage of her.

"You were drunk. I didn't want to do something you'd regret in the morning." I said to her, feeling a bit sorry for myself. She is angered by this, and proceeds to mock me.

"You have to be the Gayest man I've ever fucking seen. To not want to hit this:" She turns around and strikes a provocative pose; "Is the Faggiest thing I've ever heard of."

I saw red when she said this. She knew one of my good friends; Bryan; was a Homosexual. She knew this would offend me.

I looked her in the eyes; and I said to her; "Please stop shouting and using slurs."

She slapped me across the face.

"Some dumb fucker you turned out to be!" She said to me.

I was shaking with rage. Everything she had done over the last year and a half resurfaced in my mind.

"Stop." I said louder, and more clearly.

She pushed me against her bedroom wall, when I was still standing.

I lost it.

I picked her up by her ankles; and I threw her onto the bed, ass-first, with enough force to break her window. She bounced off the pink frilly cover and landed on the ground, on her head.

I walked out, sulking.

She shouted back at me; "I'm the BEST THING That ever happened to you! You son of a bitch. You beat up a girl; you'll pay for it!"

I texted her; and I said; "You won't; Or I'll tell your parents that you got wasted and wanted to have unprotected sex. I have that voicemail."

She didn't text back.

... was I free? ... Was this possible?!

6 Months Passed.

I was deeply in love with my new girlfriend; whom was everything that my friend had possessed only in a sweet, loving personality.

I realised; that I never dreamt my friend's face in that dream: It was her face, my new girlfriend.

She was calm and supportive when I cried over losing my friend; obviously; but she grew to tell me that she'd had a crush on me for a while.

We were inseparable. She even joked about marriage.

I called her parents by their first names; and I called her "Kitten."

I was truly happy.

As we were cuddling one night; my Ex-Friend called me. I let it go to voicemail and listened to it.

Some angry, threatening tirade; and she was clearly drunk and still devastated. The words at the end were clearly audible; "You are such a fag."

My Girlfriend put her hand on mine, to stop me dialing her; took her phone and called my ex-friend; shushing me while she did it; suppressing a giggle; and whispered in an angry voice; "...SEVEN DAYS..."

She hung up and I burst out laughing.

We kissed and cuddled all night. I couldn't believe how amazing this girl was.

When our high school was done; we took a vacation to Mexico. And there, on the beach; I had what I had dreamed about.

I also married her in a chapel, flew to spain; bought two cats and later; bought a house with that girl.

We had our child; Serenity Anne. Our boy's name was Ethan Bryan.

One day; when we were all playing a board game, I mentioned her, and said; "To think I thought she would be my wife is amazing."

My children looked at me blankly; but my wife pulled me into a headlock.

I told them that If someone wasn't making you happy, you should leave.

Right then; Ethan left the table. I asked where he was going. He said that because he was losing; he wasn't happy.

I laughed inside. I flipped places with him; and he won the game.

We all laughed.

I was happy.

The moral of the story kids?

Mean people are mean. Don't deal with them. Don't let your heart overpower your head.