Yes this actually happened on April 11, 2013 9:50 am. T/E Middle


Dear Miyuki,

We took PSSAs again, this was the last year, I always get above average every time (even though I fall asleep in the middle of them)

I gave a really funny answer for the math one,

The open ended question said to explain the relationship between angles 2 and 5, then explain why your answer is correct.

I wasn't really sure what the relationship was, so I started my answer.

They are...alternate angles or...exterior or something.(I looked it up online I was right they were alternate, I was just guessing)

2 and 5 are related because...

You see 2 and 5 used to be related but then 2 cheated with 5's husband, heartbroken five threw the husband out, the family found out and disowned both 2 and 5's husband because it turns out they were cousins!

The parents, not wanting to deal with the crazies, ran away to an abandoned island where they lived in peace with... π

Later they reconciled, only for 5 to cheat with 2's daughter! (they were all married mind you.)

Then it turned out 2 was actually a wolf man and that 5 was actually 18! (the mystery behind her beautiful complexion) Then it turned out that 2's daughter actually liked 5 and 5 then began to like 2's daughter, so they ran away to be happy, 2 left with no daughter, wife, parents, 5 or 5's husband, found himself became a mountain man/monk and spent the rest of his days healing wounded souls and birds.

How do I know this? Because I was there, and know everything.

I thought it was a perfectly good answer. The school didn't have the same opinion.