Roses are red violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet and so are you.
But the roses are wilted, the violets are dead
Can anyone love me when my wrists are stained red?
The snow isn't melting, the sky is still grey,
You ask me a question, I lie with "okay."
Every day is another losing battle
Coming way too fast for me to handle.
So I close my eyes and count to ten
And force myself to breathe again.
The world is spinning very, very fast
I don't know how much longer I can last.
My eyes, so sad and filled with tears
Sick of all these lonely years.
Haunted by no one who understands,
But I need someone to take my hand.
There are a string of words that I need to hear,
And it should end with, "you needn't fear."
So I keep pushing on through a night so long
With no one there and everything wrong.
I wander the hallways, a rose in my hand,
A violet in the other, I shake where I stand.
For the monsters have returned, the monsters in my head,
I contemplate their existence, now the flowers are dead.
Running away, but insecurities are back
Skip lunch, dinner, breakfast and refuse any snack.
Fear takes over, society kicks in
I stop eating; I want to be thin.
If only I could sleep forever
I keep fighting, but I want to surrender.
The days are painful to live over again,
It's a struggle to keep my eyes open
I'm screaming for help but starting to drown
I'm in over my head, my everything falling down
The storm surges on, fierce and in control
My umbrella is lost, soaking my tired soul
The ship is sinking, no help to come,
The water rushes in, the world goes numb
Sadness overwhelming, the rose is lost
The violet is shaking, we're all paying some sort of cost
Darkness beats light and there's no going back
My heart beating with agony, fighting the black.
Who am I, I've become so fragile,
I need someone else to be strong for a while.
But there is no one around me that I have come to trust
It's my own fault as I scrape off the rust.
Only lies are remembered as all else fell,
Can't do it on my own as I face all kinds of Hell.
So I put on a smile to out on a show,
Pretend I'm fine so no one will know.
A sad, broken heart but a decieiving face
Running away but no one will chase.
I'm still invisible, or are you to blind to see
The way that they're always ignoring me?
The roses are red, now the violets are too
Drenched with the pain that I go through.
They all stand to mock me as I fall apart,
Even my shadow leaves me alone in the dark.