How to take a life

The cold metal blade

Pressed deeply to my skin

Unleashes the life of mine

A tortured cry heard

Pulsing through my wrist

This blade is anything but kind

All that is left

Is to mark the page

The last thing they will find

People above

People below

Said my life was fine

I hand them my life

On a silver platter

The last of which I'll dine

I don't turn around

I don't look back

I know what I've left behind

People don't get it

They don't understand

They thought she was oh so kind

But I've taken too much

I can't undo

What I have taken wasn't mine

My tears are the last

The last to go

I can't be forgiven this time

For what I took

For what I stole

It was never to be mine

Now I pay

The price so heavy

The punishment fit the crime.

They tell me too bad

I've lost what I had

My life was anything but fine

I've been a bad girl

Or so I've been told

The thoughts still haunts my mind

But now it's over

They won't say it again

I have taken away what's mine

Now who I took

Never will laugh

He used to be oh so kind

But I've stolen too much

And he paid the price

He's no longer a friend of mine

Never to see him

He goes above

While I am left behind

I've been a bad girl

I reap what I sow

Now what I've taken is mine