So this was another creative writing assignment, we had to write a poem addressed to someone. Mine is addressed to my dad, who passed away when I was a little girl, and also God. Please let me know what you think :)



You come to me across a sea of memories
faint and translucent, shrouded by the mist and spray
of water. Standing on the surface, You ask
"Why did you doubt?"
I am drowning, reaching for Your hand
Lord, save me.

I find You in books
pages of stories decorated with moments in time
tributes to an age long passed. Your life
is just a novel,
I read the blessed pages;
each chapter, the whisper of Your voice
the echo of an echo.

why have You forsaken me?
From the heavens no answer. You
have been transfigured, transformed, renewed
each dark spot blotted out
by the radiance of memory.
I miss You.