Wearing sun-tinted glasses that
Deceived my irises with effervescence,
I used to gaze, incredulous,
At the ocean.

The thought of something so huge,
So terrible and so beautiful
Being such a permanent yet changeable thing
Swept me away.

I would wonder, in my cotton candy mind,
What it was like to drown in the ocean –
What it was like to see the sky through the surface
And feel the pressure of endless night sky

But the tides tugged and sucked the sugar away,
Eroding my mind to a barren shore of
Ragged breakers and corroded sands that were once
Smooth pebbles.

And now I know what it is like
To be drowning in the ocean.

The sky through the surface splits in my vision
Until it recedes as I do with the tide.
The leagues and leagues of dark blue beneath me
Embrace my body as I sink deeper
To a velvet shade of black.

And in the end I suppose this huge,
Terrible and beautiful something
Turned into a huge, terrible and beautiful
And I was lost at sea.