Dedication: To all those that lost their lives at sea

Summary : 16 year old James Cannon died on the RMS Titanic. After many years as a ghost on its wreck he finds himself on Titanic the second. Maddie Davies and her sister Tara are on it. Will the new ship escape the fate of its predecessor or are its passengers doomed?

April 15th 1912

My name is James Cannon

I stood on the edge of the deck of the sinking ship. People were running around screaming but I knew I was going down with the ship. In fact I was pleased. My life sucked. No family, No money and No reason to live.

As the people ran someone knocked him. I lost his grip on the edge and fell. Fell into the icy water. I sank deeper and deeper into it. I couldn't breath and soon black spots cut out my vision. Shit. I changed his mind , I didn't want to die after all, but just as I realised this I oxygen ran out and the cold took over .

One last glimpse of people trying to survive was all I got before I breathed my last.

January 3rd 2013

I was bored. Nothing new there. I wish I had something to do . Hey what's that glowing light? I stepped towards and was pulled inside "Aggh!". I landed on the deck of a cruise ship. "huh?" I looked over the side. RMS Titanic two. What the hell?

"Mum do I have to go" a girl my age ,16, with thin mousy brown hair in a pony tail asked

"Yes Maddie. Tara is going" Her mother replied

"Come on sis it will be fun" A younger girl about 11 said. She had thick darker hair but it was also in a pony tail.

"Fine " Maddie said a glanced at the ship. For moment I thought she had seen me because she looked confused. But the shook her head at boarded the ship.