I sat in my room and frowned. I could have sworn I say a ginger teen-aged man in early Edwardian clothes on the deck. But when I looked again he was gone. How odd. Maybe he was just part of the crew or some actor. Yeah, that's right. Nothing unusual.

Still I was unnerved by the sight of the boy. So to take my mind off him I decided to get ready for the welcoming dinner in an hour. I slipped on a dress. It was long strapless and dark purple. I stepped in front of the mirror and jumped in shock. The ginger boy was in my mirror!. He was only briefly visible but I saw he was freckled and pale, his lips blue and his blue-green eyes were lifeless. Then he vanished.

Although I was a little scared I felt like a calm and peaceful energy was in the room. "Hello?" I asked hoping the spirit would hear me. "My name is Maddie Davies."

"My...James...Cannon." came a quiet reply. "...won'" Evidently it took him a lot of effort to reply.

"It's OK. You can stay if you want." I brushed my hair into a tight bun and slapped on some make-up. As I picked up my heels I felt a cool breeze go past me and blow the door open. It was as if James was holding open the door. What a gentleman. "Thank you" I said and made my way down to dinner.

"Maddie, darling you look amazing" My mum exclaimed as we sat down at our table. She was wearing a pale blue dress with very high heels. "Yeah, sis your awesome!" smiled Tara wearing a sparkly top with leggings and boots. Her hair looked much better than mine 'cos Mum had curled it.

A waiter came to our table "What can I get you?"

Mum order two lemonades , a red wine, two medium pizza and one small one. While Tara and Mum chatted I observed the other diners. Mostly it was families but a few couple sat here and there and even a man sitting alone.

The waiter returned with the drinks. As a took a sip from my glass I could have sworn I saw James sitting opposite me, next to Tara, he smiled at me before disappearing from view. What a shame. I wished I could talk to him.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome tonight's performer, Mr. Henry Jacobs!" announced a speaker.

A short-ish blading man came on stage. "I am a ghost hunter. Ladies and Gentlemen, and tonight I shall show you that this ship is haunted.

"Yeah right!" some one yelled.

However I had a bad feeling about this man. He didn't seem fake, or nice. Mr. Jacobs just smiled and said something in words I didn't understand. I heard a dull thud as the chair that James had sat in fell over. Suddenly a figure appeared on the stage. It was a young woman in servants dress. She was blonde and green-eyed but pale and her, lips and fingertips were tinted blue, like James.

"Who are you , spirit?"

She said nothing and stuck her tongue out at the man. A few people laughed. She smirked and disappeared. Mr. Jacobs looked annoyed and stormed off to somewhere, likely his room.

Later I as got ready for bed I glimpsed James and the woman (talking in whispers I couldn't hear) in my room for a few seconds.

This was going to be a interesting cruise.