Barely night anymore
Drinking coffee
Internal warmth in the cold morning
Before the sun defiles me
With lukewarm light
Darkness is a taste so pure
So intense
That nothing could compare to
A taste that is bitter
Poison to the mind
Stimulant to the senses
A taste that is rivaled by that of
Nothing . . .
Nothing but coffee.

The sun pours over the mountains
Flowing into my night
Creamy and sweet --
Sickly, really --
I succumb to its taste
Pour milk
Mix sugar
Daylight comes, ruining the taste
Of night
And my coffee.

Evening comes
Used to this transgression now
I sip cocoa
Sweet and rich, chocolate
Seductive in flavor
Poison to the body
Catharsis for the mind
Warm in my hands
Internal warmth in the growing gloom
On the counter, the cup is set
Half empty
On the horizon, the sun is setting
Half gone.

I look out in disgust
The sun is leaving, my tolerance with it
I look at my cocoa
So sweet
So sickening
I lift the thermos, pouring cold coffee
Into the mug; it mixes with cocoa
Sweet and bitter entwine
The purity of both
The warmth of both

In seeking the best of both worlds,
You can only find dissatisfaction.
The essence of one
Denies the other.