Feel like sticking this up. I love history (understatement of the century), and the Crusades are conquests I find incredibly fascinating, especially the 3rd. I also like mixing history with fantasy. So I kind of randomly wrote this in biology, I think it was? :/

"Quaerite primum regnum dei" - Latin for "seek ye first the Kingdom of God" - the title of this poem, and the second last line :)

The night sky is lit up like a lamp
By torches staked outside dark tents.
All the land is stained with damp
Blood oozing from the men, my gents.
Men retreat swiftly to their cots
Tired and depressed from the day's failed attacks.
Forever thinking of the dead who rot
In crude graves outside our barracks.
The sea of sand is endless, swallowing up the city
Whilst above, the stars are shining bright tonight
Under the gaze of the everlasting lamps, in me
I feel the anger, again I'm ready for the fight.
For all those who died, and more
The ones who will die tomorrow
And the day after, on the sea shore.
Driven to the sea by the enemy, who follow
Us to the very ends of their land.
Why should the faithful ones die?
Lie wounded, watching blood seep through sand
For those who, with the use of a lie
Inspire us do die for religion and power.
My men tell me it's not my place to say
Lowly Sargent I am, and no noble flower.
But I say, "I'll die one day!
Aye, and soon, for all the good it'll do
For naught will it contribute to our cause
Save only to put pressure on those like you
Those who I leave behind". And here I pause
Scrutinize their faces, all sullen and cold
No trace of emotion, only creased lines
Where weariness has taken a vice-like hold
And youth's strength and brash confidence shines
No more in those piercing grey eyes.
The windows to the soul, with wrought iron bars
The eyes of a generation who'll die for lies
But not before they've traveled far
And seen what others have yet to see
And done what no others have done before:
Quaerite primum regnum dei
Before their eyes will see no more.