You know the way

To the place where we would always be

You know the way

To where we had those memories…

Sun or rain, night or day

You will always know the way

You're by my side as I walk alone

Cause you always knew the way home.

Summer storms and running from

The wind and water,

But loving them

Laughing shaking drops from our hair

And there's no one here to stare…

Winter nights, dark and long

Cold as ice but full of song

With nerve, we kindled fire in the black

Now your half of my fire won't come back

And there's no one here to care…

'Please, don't let it get to you,'

'There are ways we can pull through,'

You were so brave the way you always

Told me to believe

A better life was coming for me

'No darling, don't you dare-'

You, you always were my home.

I can't find my way to you

I'm lost in what was once heaven

Do you miss me in heaven too?