Steph's alarm clock rang and she woke up in bed, her eyes wide open staring at the ceiling panting hard. She sat up, stopped her alarm clock and said letting out a small yet quiet sigh saddened by the dream of her parents. Her hands were on her forehead covering her eyes, and the other on the bed balancing her making sure she didn't fall backwards "...Just a dream...I thought I had forgotten about all this..."
She got out of bed, and started to get ready for her first day of school. Angel was already up and ready for work. Checking on Steph, seeing if she was up he knocked on the door and yelled"Stephanie! You'll be late for school! Get-"
Before he could finish his sentence Steph opened the door still in her pjs, and said brushing him off"Yeah yeah! I know!I'll be done in ten minutes! Geez"
"You alright Stephie?"asked Angel worryingly looking at her.
"Yeah I'm fine. Don't worry about it. Just a bad dream." smiling Steph nervelessly.
"Are you sure its nothing?"
" Yes. I'm fine. Stop worrying"
She gave Angel a sweet small smile, and went to the bathroom. Her brother went back down stares. She snapped her fingers, and in no time she was wearing her school uniform. She brushed her teeth, and ran out of the house after fixing her hair. Angel sighed slightly, and chuckled at her as she ran out of the house. Then he got dressed in his dark blue jeans, and his long sleeved dark cherry shirt, and went to work. He took his car keys from the table, and left the house stepping in to his hot red Ferrari car, and drove to work. Steph was an 18 year old high school girl at the time, now living with her older brother in Japan. Even thought she went to Trains High she was not like other kids there. She was a demon, and so was her brother Angel, but no one really knew that except for themselves. Her twin sister and second brother: Adriana and Amir- were kidnapped by a demon just a few days after she had turned five, and her parents were killed on the same day. From what Steph had heard this demon had taken over control the whole demon kingdom according to the information her brother had received from there helpers in the demon world gathering every information about the situation there.
"Hey! Steph! Wait up!"shouted Elitza running after her.
Elitza is Stephs' best friend, and she trusted her very mach. She was one year younger then her. Steph stopped and turned around.
"Oh hey Elitza. You okay?" inquired Steph
" J-Just a bit tired that's all."replied Elitza trying to catch her breath.
" You sure about that?"
"Yeah. Let's just go before you're late to the first day of school like always."giggled Elitza.
"Um...I think you shol-"
"Let's go!"
Elitza grabbed Steph by the sleeves of her top uniform, and ran.
"Whoa!"exclaimed Steph in surprise, and said again a bit angry"Let go of me! I can run by myself!"
"Okey-Dokey."said Elitza, and let her go.
Steph lost her balance, and almost fell. She bumped in to someone who was walking out of the flower shop, and fell down on the ground.
"I'm so sorry! You're not hurt any where are you?"said a boy putting everything he bought on the flower table next to the exit of the flower shop, and helped her up.
Steph looked at the boy slitly embarrassed.
"N-no.I'm okay."
"Are you sure?"asked the boy worried.
"Yeah! She's fine! Now let's go!"
Elitza grabbed Steph by the sleeve of her right arm yet again, and ran.
"H-Hey!"screamed Steph a bit angry, and thought disappointed."Aww dame it! He was cute!"
Elitza dragged Steph to the school. They both ran in to their class, and sat in their desks next to one another. Then Steph said still a little disappointed and, angry towards her best friend"That was so unfair! Why'd you have to do that for!?"
"Oh come on! There's other guys out there! He was probably what, 20 and you're 18 for gods sake! Think about it! He's an adult and you're still a teenager! You and him think differently! Why are you getting so stuck up over one guy!?"
"So what!? You know better he was my type."said Steph with a sad expression looking at Elitza.
"But..."said Steph as she starred at Elitza upset.
"No no no don't get sad! Dame it! Okay fine, I'm sorry I didn't mean to yell."

She sighed deeply, and said again eyes closed and sitting back in her desk.

"I just didn't want you to be late, and not pass your classes again like last year."said Margret feeling guilty.

"Hm."Steph shrugged her shoulder."Its okay. You had a reason to yell at me."

She smiled a big smile at Elitza. "But its alright. You're right. Don't worry about it."
"You're ridiculous Steph."face palmed Elitza and shook her head "I'm not always going to be here to save you from strangers."
"Don't worry. I not that careless sheesh have some damn fate in me damn it."
Elitza glared at her friend for a second still slitly concerned. Everyone was already in class and when the first bell rang the teacher came in. He put his stuff on his desk and looked at the students. Elitza and Steph looked at each other very surprised, not believing what they were seeing. The new teacher was the EXACT same guy from the flower shop that Steph had bumped in to. The teacher stopped in front of his desk, both hands on it, and said" Good morning everyone. As you all know your old teacher had to retire due to certain unknown reasons. So in his place I'll be teaching until he gets back. My name is Shelby Heathcliff. You will address me as Mr. Heathcliff. Not Shelby or Mr. S or Shelbo. Are we all clear?"
"YES!"Everyone in the class agreed together.
"He sure is strict."whispered Steph to Elitza surprised.
Shelby had heard her whispered something, but hadn't heard what. He looked to the back right at Steph, and said with a demanding voice "You. On the back. The one with red long hair. What's you're name?"
"Me?"pointed Steph at her self while staring at the new teacher.
"Yes you. Do you see any one else here with that kind of color hair around here?"asked Shelby at Steph.
"Um...n-no. I don't sir"said Steph, lowering her head ashamed just a bit.
"What is your name?"asked Shelby with a sigh,looking at her.
"Steph Sakarada."said Steph calmly.
"I heard you're the school rebel."informed her Shelby calmly.
Stephs' lips curved slitly in to an amused smirk as she stared at the teacher.
"Ha! Is that the nickname they gave me? Pfft! How amusing is this! Haha!"thought Steph.
Steph just looked where Elitza was, twirling her hair pretending not to care about what he was saying just completely ignoring him.
"From now on every time you do something bad you'll have detention for a week."said Shelby kind of annoyed, keeping his cool and writing something in his small notebook.
"WHAT!?"yelled Steph angry at him jumping off her seat gripping the edge of the desk.
"Please sit down in your sit Miss. Sakurada."demanded Shelby calmly writing in his book.
"I'm out of here."She got up from her desk started to walk to the classroom door with her book bag over her right shoulder.

"Would you prefer a zero every time you do something bad instead of detention Miss. Sakurada?"The teacher questioned Steph, and looked at her from the corner of his eyes calmly.
"Dame it! I cant afford to get any zeros this year. I promised Angel I wouldn't!"thought Steph.
She walked back, and said annoyed with a sigh"F-fine."
Then she looked out the window at the sky serenely.
"Alright. Lets begin. The lesson today is about integers. Who would like to go over what we have learned about them?"asked Soubi, and looked at one of the students."Antonio?"
"Yes Mr. Healthcliff."said Antonio.
He got up, and started to explain while Steph and Elitza whispered to each other back and forth.
"What is he doing here?"said Steph whispering to Elitza.
"Hm. Someone's disappointed he's our teacher."Elitza teased Steph whispering as she raised an eyes brow and giving her a small smile.
"Why would I be disappointed?"asked Steph shrugging her shoulders.
"Well maybe because of the rules in this school. The one that say students cant or are not allowed to have any sexual relationship with a teacher or they'll be expelled."Elitza reminded Stephanie.
"I know that."said Steph as she looked away from her friend.

"Are you two paying attention?"asked Shelby looking at both of them.
"Um...yes?"both of them said together.
"Then one of you wouldn't mind going to the board and explaining how it should be done. It should be quiet easy if you were paying attention last semester."said Shelby with little disbelief.
Steph just looked at him emotionless "Whatever."
She got up, took the chalk from his hand with out asking, did the problem, and sitting back down she said."There."
Then she looked back at the sky outside the window. Shelby gave Margret a detention sheet for both of them for talking and class continued. In an hour math class ended. They all went to geometry and science, gym and last social studies. Steph and the others stayed quiet and learned like they were suppose to. No one misbehaved and everyone listened to the teachers. When it came time to go home the second bell rang and everyone rushed out of the class rooms.
"Gosh.I can't wait 'till I go home."said Steph to Elitza.
There was a small scent of exhaustion in her voice.
"Aren't you forgetting something?" Margret looking at Suzuka.
"I don't think so."
"DETENTION!"shouted Elitza with disbelief.
"Do I have to!?" Steph whined.
Steph sighed annoyed.
They both walked to the detention room. Their school had a separate room for detention. They got there, went in and when Steph saw the people in the room she gulped.
"Oh it'll be fine! Don't worry!"
Elitza patted her red haired friend on the head.
"W-wait for me!"
Steph ran up to Elitza and grabbed her by the sleeve,gripping her binder before they could find seats and sit down Shelby walked in with another teacher laughing about something.
"Okay okay I'll do it. But there better be something in it for me. I won't do it other wise."laughed Shelby smiling looking at the teacher.
"Oh there will be. Don't worry."said the teacher with a mysteries smile.
That was the schools nurse. She had long black hair and was known as the most beautiful teacher in the whole school;she always wore some kind of new outfit everyday underneath her long,white as snow nurse robe.
"Eh?What's that?"asked Shelby looking at her confused and impatient to find out.
"You'll find out when you do what you promised."smirked the teacher smiling at him.
Then she said again"Anyways I got to go. See ya later Mr. Healthcliff."
She waved him good bye,he waved back, and walked to his desk closing the door after her. He took a pack of papers from his desk and handed them down to all the kids in the room.
"Please do all the problems on the sheet and if you need any help I'll gladly help you."said Shelby handing out the papers.
Steph and Eliza began to do their work. After a couple of minutes Steph raised her hand. The teacher looked at her and then said"Yes?"
"Umm...I don't get this."said Steph shyly looking at him.
"Get what?"asked Shelby walking over to her looking at the paper she had.
Steph gave Shelby a nervous smile.
Shelby stared at the her and before he could start helping her the bell rang and everyone started going home.
"Everyone please leave your work on my desk on your way out."said Shelby looking up at the other students.
Then he looked back at Steph and said"Except you .I need to talk to you."
"See you tomorrow Steph."Elitza waving at Steph, walking out the door, and Steph waving back.
" So let's talk about whats going on with you. I've heard from previous reports that you haven't been listening in school. No work and homework done too. How do you expect to pass if every school year you don't do what you're suppose to?"
Shelby leaned on the front of his desk looking at her his arms crossed.
Steph just stared at him blankly like not caring.
"Are you listening to me!?"yelled Shelby raising his voice a bit.
"Yes."answered Steph calmly.
Then she said "I just don't really care if I pass of not."
Shelby sighed.
"Alright . Here's what we can can stay here after school for tutoring or you can come and i can tutor you at my home."
"I would prefer to stay after school. I don't know you enough to go over your house."Steph smiled awkwardly.

"Then we should get to know each other better."smirked Shelby giving her a charming smile.

"Are you hitting on me mister?"Steph raised an eye brown with a smile.

"I guess I am."answered Shelbo gazing at her.

"Tsk tsk tsk mister you're breaking the rules. You could get in big trouble just for this you know."teased him Steph.

"Hahaha I can take care of myself. If you haven't noticed the teachers adore me so far!"

"Even that may end soon Mr. Heathcliff. You'd be lucky if it stays that way the whole year."

"What does that mean?Is something bad suppose to happen?" questioned Shelby with confusion.

"No. Teacher popularity usually just dies fast here."Shrugged Steph."You may actually knows. Heh."

"Well see what's going to happen then. So from tomorrow you'll stay here after school. Now Go, we're done now."demanded Shelby.

"Ugh. He's back to his strict, bossy self."Thought Steph irritated, and said"Yes Mr. Healthcliff."

She got up, went to the classroom door, slid it open, bowed and left. As soon as she left the classroom, and was a few steps far away from it Shelby's phone rang, and he picked it up.
"How's the progress going?Were you able to find her?"questioned a voice from inside the phone speaker.
"Yes sir. She's exactly like you described aura is strong."
"Capture her, and bring her here."demanded the voice.
At that moment Steph had remembered that she had forgotten her drawing pad in the classroom. She ran back to get it, and just before she could open the door to the detention room she heard Shelby talking with someone.
"Yes sir. I understand. But what about her brother, Angel? asked Shelby
"Capture her first then we'll deal with him later. I'll send someone after him."said the voice.
"Yes sir. I understand."said Shelby, and hung up.
Then he smiled and cackled a bit evilly. Steph gasped quietly with disbelieve, and ran out of the school building leaving her drawing pad behind. She ran outside to where Elitza was and grabbed her by the arm.
"Woah! What's going on!? Steph!" yelled Elitza
"I'm sorry! No time to explain! Just come with me please!"
Steph and Elitza arrived at Angel's house, and Steph ran inside. She started looking everywhere around her house for her brother making sure he was still in the house.

"Steph! What's going on!? Please talk to me!"pleaded Elitza worried about her friend.

Steph ran to his office room. She swung the door open, and seeing her older brother sitting down on his chair looking over his students papers from his college class she sighed in relief.
"Oh hey. I didn't hear you come in."said Angel and twirled in his chair facing his little 's up sport?"
"Oh ."Steph paused for a second ,and said again"Looking around the house."
"Oh for what? Need help?"asked Angel as he got up from his chair leaving his work papers behind on his desk.
He walked to the door where Elitza, and Steph were and Steph replied"Nah no thanks. I'll find it myself."
Then he looked to the side of and smirked at Elitza.
"Oh gosh no please look at me. He's to gorgeous!"
"And who may this little cutie be over here?Have you changed something about yourself? You are looking even more beautiful then usual tonight."

Angel leaned against the side of the door smiling at Elitza.
Elitza stared at Angel her face turning as red as a tomato.
"Come on Eli. We're going for some ice cream. I'll be back later Bro."Steph waved at her brother and pulled her best friend away.
"Be back before eight tonight!"
"Yeah yeah I got it!"
Steph and Elitza left the house and Steph scoffed in disbelief pissed a bit at her brother.
"Unbelievable! I can't believe him! He really is a cruel."thought Steph."Come 's go."
They went to the ice cream place, chatted about things and in a few hours they both went home, and went to fixed his bed. Steph slid in to her bed, turned off the nightlight and went to brother finished his work, put his papers back in his bag for tomorrow, cleaned himself and after fixing his bed he fell on it and snoozed off.