A Hero

I am a bird born from zero

But I pray to fly away a hero

A striver once light and bright

But now she's left a survivor from this blight

A sad lost boy is so, so very hurt

But he'll send them all under the dirt

The pain inside continues to grows

The sorrow with no pride it shows

No one dares to sit by him

But everyone goes and they hit and hit him

I guess they feel good inside

With every twist of his pride

Because they want to belong

So is it that why they all go along?

They causes him so much pain

But is that the price that needs to be gained?

It's not like they hated him, right?

It's not like he waited for it, right?

But maybe, he'll go home and he'll think of suicide

But then he'll comes back to school and wage his bloody genocide

As he leaves us all petrified

It's by time he goes and has some fun

So go on, hide, fly, sneak, and run

To think a little kindness from your heart

Might just have saved my live from ending from the start

Since he seems to have forgotten when I cried

Because he knew it when you all lied

He didn't want me to just stand and die

Ironic, I had always been there by his side

But I guess I lived as a zero

But maybe, just maybe

I died

A Hero