The Girl In Black

Walks alone

She smiles

And laughs

And pretends to be

In a state of joy

But I know the truth


The girl in black.

There is a saying

For everything

When I see her

As we meet once more

A saying always

Crosses my mind

"The eyes

are the gateway

to the soul."

For in her eyes

I see just that

Her soul.

I see it,

All sad

Surrounded in it's

Own darkness.

I see her sadness

Behind the mask.

But she knows

That I know.

And she hides it no more.

I know her sadness

I wish it were gone

I would give my own life

I would promise her

Maybe anything

If it made her happy.

But then

Maybe nothing I do

Will ever do that


The girl in black.

She claims I matter

That though little

I help her.

Simply by being there

For her.

Little does she know

How little that really is.

I wish I could help

The girl in black

So much more.

Because I want to

I need to


But who am I

To help anyone


The girl in black?

I can't even help myself.

It's terrible

Not being able to help

I care for her

So much.

She knows I do

And yet

I can do nothing

Not a single thing.

So what do I do

Except sit miserably

With my own


And a million others?


I can do nothing

For those I care about

For those who need it

I can do nothing


The Girl in Black.