YAY! Another CYOA! I'll be working on another that I'm going to be posting up soon, though that one might or might not be updated soon, since hotwinglover and I are still in the middle of it. Same goes for the sequel of Beast Bomb. ...I really should work on that.

You and your friend Michael have decided to try out this new game that came out recently. Your ridiculously rich granddad bought you 2 copies, so you gave the extra one to Michael. The game-known as HoloGram-is an online virtual reality game, where you are supposed to fight to a goal that's only revealed when you get to that point. Or so you've been told.

'Hello there, and welcome to the world of HoloGram. Please enter your Name.'

After some debate, you decide to go with Daedalus.

'Well then, Daedalus, how would you like to start out? As a beginner, your outfit will be limited. Please choose carefully.'

Hmm… You decide that the black ninja-looking clothes look cool, so you go with that.

'Sorry. Those clothes are currently off-limits to you.'

Why the hell do they even show them anyways? In the end, you go with a simple red tunic and pants that reached just past your knees and black stripes. Comfortable black boots adorned your feet.

'Nice choice.'

You open your eyes again and find yourself in a little town with the sky at dusk. Several other Players are milling around the small shops and hotels, making this almost no different than your own home. Finding a mirror, you notice that your unusual ginger hair is slightly longer than usual, and there's a small feather woven into your hair. Your bright green eyes also spot a strange, swirl-like black tattoo on your arm. After a moment of staring at it, you dismiss it as a part of the clothing. Someone is shouting your name, and you turn around to see Michael.

He has an entirely black outfit of a similar tunic and pants as yours, with a yellow chest. His slightly wavy blonde hair was a little curlier, and his brown eyes were now a bright blue bordering on neon. His grinning face planted into the ground a moment later, sending you into a laughing fit. As you went to help him up, you noticed a feather earring hanging from his right ear. Again, you dismissed it as part of the costume.

In HoloGram, each player has a unique special power, known as their BirthMark. Michael's turns out to be super speed and, considering the way he's running around, advanced stamina. You have the ability to form swords in each hand as well as minor advanced agility.

'You have arrived in the Town of Twilight.'

Twilight, huh? You shrug, and Michael and you agree to go find some supplies in the nearby shops. There you pick up several Medicine Tablets, Energy Boosters, and a few Moondrips. From what the shopkeeper told you, the Moondrips appear to be a type of strange fruit delicacy. Michael picks up some of these as well, some Resurrection Stones, and 2 custom-made daggers. Figuring you should probably level up, you take out your digital map to see where you can go.

Being a beginner has its limits. Your choices are The Hollow's Cave to the south, the Blind Man's Meadow to the north, and the Canyon of White to the west. After a heated battle of rock-paper-scissors, the two of you head to the Blind Man's Meadow.

You arrive in a desolate, barren land of gray, with a few charcoal-black stumps scattered around. Not what you were expecting. Both of you unsheathe your weapons as a precaution, when a black blur jumps at you. It's a level 8 shadow wolf, with demon red eyes and feet that faded into nothing. You're both still at level 1.

"I told you we should've gone to the Canyon of White…" Michael muttered, reluctantly following you in an attack. With a few medicine tablets, more than a few energy boosters, and one or two resurrection stones, you defeat it.

'Congratulations! You are now level 3!' Says the computerized voice in your head. The same stupid one that wouldn't let you get that awesome black ninja outfit. 'Hey!' …Guess it can read your thoughts.

Over the next hour, the two of you mill around, exploring. Like it should be, the Blind Man's Meadow is boring, and quiet, and gray. But not long after you hit the 2nd hour, a pack of shadow wolves come bolting towards you. They probably wanted revenge for the one that you killed earlier. You take down a few of the weaker ones, and your levels are bumped up to level 9. However, as you get halfway through, you run into a large, shadowy figure.

The two of you back away slowly, ready to attack at any moment. The shadows suddenly disappear, including the wolves, in a bolt of light. The light reveals a young man, only a couple years older than you. He's holding a pitch black sword, and is wearing a dark cloak that obscures his body, his rugged face only a shadow. "Don't try to fight me." He warns you both, and proceeds to explain.

"A recent virus has sprung up, and any player that dies in this world, doesn't come back."

"Y-You mean they… die?" Michael squeaked, though you're sure that he didn't mean to.

"That's correct. All the players are allies now, and the enemy is the game itself. That's why I don't want you to try to fight me. Someone might die." He throws off his hood, revealing a ruggedly smooth, clean-shaven face with cloudy gray eyes and striking white hair chopped short. He absently rubs his chin, grimacing. "It's still strange not to have my beard. Maybe it'll grow in." He muttered to himself, before seeming to remember where he was. "Oh, yes, I'm Zeus."

"Zeus, this is my friend FlieR, and I'm Daedalus."

"Nice to meet you two."

After the introductions are finished, the three of you go deeper and deeper into the Meadow. In the meantime, you decide to strike up a conversation.

"Zeus, what's your BirthMark?"

"I have a bo staff that makes lightning. The sword from earlier I had just found. Why?"

You open your mouth to reply, when Michael gives a yelp, tackling you to the ground. A human shadow, wearing rusty armor, appears before you. It's a Shadoe Warrior, and at a level 19. Using his BirthMark, FlieR counters the Shadoe Warrior's sword with his daggers, pushing back the blade momentarily. You join in, while Zeus stays back and watches. You've realized awhile ago that Zeus seems to be of a much higher level than either you or Michael, and probably has access to most-if not all-areas of the game already.

'Congratulations! You have reached level 12!' Good thing too. You're running low on medicine tablets.

Suspiciously, you watch him until he asks you what's wrong. "If you're so high-level, Zeus, then why are you in a basic realm?" You ask, deciding to choose your words carefully.

"Since it's become so dangerous, I wanted to go back through all the available realms and help others level up. Besides, it is a bit life-threatening for me to go to one of the higher level worlds." He replies easily, and you decide to trust him, though you make sure to keep an eye on him for awhile.

'Welcome to RizeDream! You have earned one resurrection stone as a gift!' So says the narrator voice. Stupid thing. 'Hey!' ANYWAYS, you figure you should look around and maybe ask for a brochure. 'Don't forget to buy some Medicine Tablets!' Shut up, stupid voice.

As you thought it might be, the town is shaped like a cloud. And according to the brochure, there is a tall tower in the center, which you decide to check out. 'Don't forget about those Medicine Tablets!' …Right. So, after you buy some medicine tablets, you head up to the tower. The tower is, ironically, white, and misshapen. It's called the Dromian Tower. Shrugging, you, Michael, and Zeus enter the Tower.

As you walk in, a soft rumbling is heard, though you dismiss it. Then suddenly, the floor collapses beneath you…