Faery is fun. Faery is love. Faery is mischief. Faery is mystery. And this Dark Faery Queen is all of those qualities and more. She planned her wedding in story book form. Characters were created in likeness of real people and a wedding was done to make it easier and fun and less stressful than normal, boring, Mortal, peasant planning.

By the time the wedding rolled around, everything was planned... Everything except how the day would go. The Faery Queen hoped things were smooth like ice and just as pretty as ice crystals. She donned her wedding dress, fit for a Faery of her status (and maybe a few worthy Mortals). With delicate lace and ivory satin, it fit her well. Dramatic makeup made her Fae features even more beautiful.

The venue, a garden fit for only Faeries, was perfect as well. It seemed to fit her expectations of ice crystals and delicacy with a hint of a Dark edge that is only proper for a woman like her. The day ran smoothly, like skaters on ice, and then came the fun part. Dancing and singing went on as the Dark Faery Queen and her newly found King spent their first night as the royal couple together in quiet.

Of course, that was until some of her nymph friends got all dancey, making giggles erupt from even the sternest centaur. The leprechauns made rainbows for the Fae children while elves ran around, causing small amounts of chaos, children following suit. One woman had a Chinese Shoulder Dragon who took off and laid herself on the caking, blending in perfectly with the mystical design. The havoc did not cause the Queen to lose her calm. It simply made her smile. Everyone was happy and having fun and enjoying the wedding of a life time. The few Mortals there watched with childlike interest.

The Snow Faery skated across the garden's pond, icy patterns forming an ancient blessing to wish the couple luck in their new life together. Autumn Faery made red and orange and yellow leaves sprout in funny places, mischief sparkling in her eyes as she danced around the couple, her voice singing another blessing, one for a full life. Spring Faery sang with Autumn and blessed them with a life full of colour and vibrance, exotic flower petals falling on the magykical scene. The Faery who watched over Summer wished them a life full of passion and warmth and happiness as the sun shone on the mystical wedding.

As the night spilled over into morning, the Dark Faery Queen's friends left for their respective dwellings. The King smiled at his beautiful, wonderful Queen, who then smeared some left over cake on his face. Her laughter rang out, as she ran into their castle, her lacy dress trailing behind her like snowflakes the Snow Fae send out every year to coat the world in beautiful blankets of white. The new Fae royalty would rule their vast kingdom with love and fairness.

Faery is fun. Faery is love. Faery is mischief. Faery is mystery. And this Dark Faery Queen is all of those qualities and more with her King by her side.

(Simply for a friend, eBook: yes. Everyone else can ignore xD)